Vintage wedding styles at Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island

With my photography work slowing down, I finally have time to post more pictures from some of my favorite weddings in 2023. This was a small, intimate wedding on October 8th for Madison, Caleb, and their daughter as the flower girl. I loved the vintage old Hollywood style of the bride and groom with the bride’s bright red lipstick and the groom’s pinstripe suit. They were an amazing couple, and I took some beautiful sunset pictures of them on the golf course at Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island.

When I arrived for their Sunday wedding, I was happy it was a smaller, more relaxed wedding. I had a wedding from Tuesday to Sunday that week, so I felt slightly tired. I wouldn’t say I like to do so many weddings in a row, but the first two weeks of October are popular in Myrtle Beach, and I knew things would slow down soon.

Beautiful ceremony in the shade of the oaks

Madison didn’t want any pictures of them getting ready, so I arrived shortly before the ceremony. I still had time to catch just a few cute ones, her dad helping with the veil, her mom putting on her necklace, and a few with the groom and groomsmen. I love the lawn where they have the ceremonies at Litchfield County Club. It’s so beautiful, with the sunlight filtering through all the trees in the background. Especially with close-ups like during the vows, the out-of-focus background gets pretty with the balls of light from the sun filtering through the leaves.

Madison and Calib had their daughter walk down the aisle as the flower girl. She forgot to throw the flowers while she walked, but I got some adorable shots of her with mom and dad giving big hugs after the ceremony. They even were able to light a candle together after the vows. I usually don’t recommend a candle for outdoor ceremonies because it’s so hard to get it lit, but thankfully, the wind wasn’t too strong. That’s something to remember when planning your own wedding. A sand ceremony is a nice alternative.

Beautiful sunset for pictures on the golf course

With the small group, as soon as the ceremony was over, we took a group shot with everyone and then pictures with just the family. Again, I loved some of the super cute photos with the bride, groom, and their daughter. Next, I took the bridal party to the small bridge behind the clubhouse for some pictures. I always love to do a dip with everyone cheering in the background. I also got some great shots of the groom in his vintage pinstripe suit looking cool with his groomsmen. Since it was such a small group, I got the whole wedding party to pick up the bride for a picture, and it turned out really fun.

Caleb didn’t mind taking a short break from the pictures, and I got some beautiful bridal portraits of Madison holding the bouquet. I especially like the one of her smiling, looking away from the camera with the pretty rim lighting from the sun hitting her hair. I’m also always using some fill flash from an off-camera beauty dish. It’s a subtle difference that sets my pictures apart.

I next did a lot of fun pictures with just the bride and groom. It’s beautiful on the golf course, with the soft sunlight filtering through the trees and backlighting the couple. I especially like some close-ups with the bride looking into the groom’s eyes. Modern Sony cameras are perfect for locking focus on the eye, even with the shallow depth of field from an 85mm f1.4 lens.

Fun dancing and sparker exit

Everyone had a lot of fun on the dance floor, even with the small group. Best Night Ever DJ did a great job with the music. We did an early fake sparkler exit, giving me time to take pictures under the tree covered in lights in front of the clubhouse. Finally, at the end of the evening, they had a private, emotional last dance. I love that I’ve been having more weddings recently at Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island. If you are planning a wedding at this venue, please let me know, and I would be happy to help.

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