Real Estate Photography

Ryan Smith Photography’s home & business photography

As a wedding photographer for the past decade, I’ve shot thousands of beautiful pictures of event venues and homes around the Myrtle Beach area. Recently, I’ve expanded into doing real estate photography for the Grand Strand area as well. I have the best high-end equipment, such as ultra-wide-angle lenses and off-camera lighting, that I use for weddings and events. I’m experienced with advanced HDR techniques and correction for geometric distortion that comes from using an extremely wide-angle lens.

Remote Pilots License Certificate

I’m also a Part 107 certified remote drone pilot. There may be locations close to the Myrtle Beach airport where drone flight is not allowed, but most locations can now be flown with the new LAANC instant authorization.

HDR of table decorations - Dunes Golf and Beach Club - Myrtle Beach
I use special lighting and HDR techniques to see the details inside and outside of windows without the overprocessed look.
Long Exposure 810 Bowling & Billiards
Long Exposure, ultra-wide lenses, and small apertures give 810 Bowling & Billiards a unique look.
Drone picture of dock of home on the Intracoastal Waterway - Harbour Towne - Myrtle Beach
Drone photography can give unique views of your property that can only be captured from the air.
Photography of living room with lots of windows - Florence, SC
Using wide-angle professional lenses with software perspective correction can make small interiors look large and attractive.
Autumn Chase Apartment unit photography for A1 Properties - Myrtle Beach
My vast wedding photography experience helps me to find attractive angles on even very simple real estate locations.

Photography Package for Apartments and Homes

This includes 30 or more edited images of the home, apartment, or business being photographed and drone photography if desired. The price and number of images depend on the size, detail shots needed, and staging required. Photography of a typical-sized apartment, for example, something for an Airbnb or rental listing, is $200. Small homes start at $250 and can be slightly more depending on the size and number of rooms. This also includes basic touch-ups. I guarantee satisfaction, or I will give your full money back. Please get in touch with me using the form below with details of what you are looking for.