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About Ryan Smith

Ryan and Lizeth in Washington
Ryan and Lizeth

After many years of photography as a hobby, I started my full-time photography business over 12 years ago in the Myrtle Beach area. For the first few months I started small, shooting just family beach pictures. I realized I had a really good talent for portrait photography and a good way with clients, so I eventually moved into doing weddings as well. I’ve always approached photography from the geeky, technical side of things. Before doing it professionally I learned software like Adobe Lightroom just as hobby and I learned how all the camera settings affect an image. While the technical side of photography comes easy for me, I had to work hard to learn to pose people and groups. Even after many years and taking nearly a million pictures I’m still always trying to improve.

Some other things about me, I’m good at web coding and even have my site running on my own server so it’s really fast! I do a lot of custom css and code even though my site now runs on WordPress. I’m also really into CrossFit. I’m 44 years old now and I really appreciate the benefits of staying in shape especially when shooting weddings. I also have other hobbies like scuba diving and mountain biking. I’m also a certified FAA commercial drone pilot.

My wife is from the country of Colombia, we met when she was traveling to America on her tourist visa. If you see a really pretty assistant in any Photo Booth pictures, she comes along sometimes to help me with that. She has even started assisting me with wedding photography as well. Back in Colombia, she was a licensed architect and she is working on getting her license again here. I actually got to spend a month recently in Colombia and got some cool pictures and aerial videos with my Drone. If you have any questions about me or my work please let me know!

Office Location

I just worked out of my home office. I have it setup to meet with clients with a large display where we can view pictures together from my previous weddings. I have example albums and prints I can show you as well. If you would like to stop by please let me know and we can make an appointment.

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