Intimate wedding at Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island

I’ve been photographing many more weddings recently at Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island. I had such a busy October this year, with seven weddings in just the first two weekends, two of which were at Litchfield County Club. It’s a great location with a beautiful area for the ceremony in front of some ancient oak trees and lots of foliage and greenery. I knew this would be a minimal, intimate wedding without a reception, and I was happy to have an early evening off with so many back-to-back weddings. I capture some of my favorite pictures with brides and grooms at small weddings because we have more time with the less strict schedule.

Ceremony in front of the Oaks

I met Natalie and Shawn for the first time on the wedding day. I prefer to meet before, but many of my couples are planning weddings from out of state. I could tell they would be a fun and relaxed couple as soon as I met them. After a few getting ready pictures in the clubhouse, the family went out on the lawn for the ceremony. Almost everyone there was close family, including the bridesmaids, who were the sisters of both the bride and groom. The lighting was stunning for the ceremony, with the light filtering through the large trees in the background. I’m glad we had some shade because it was an unexpectedly hot and humid day for October.

I always capture close-ups of the emotions on the bride and groom’s faces during the vows, as long as I’m in a location that allows for this. I loved that I caught a tear running down the bride’s cheek. After the ceremony, we took the family pictures, which included everyone there, and then pictures with the bridal party. I love the little golf cart bridge behind the clubhouse for pictures. If I get the right angle, standing almost down in the water, I can even capture reflections of the group. The water is so low right now I can’t get reflections like I did at a previous wedding. Even with the small group, everyone was having a great time and up for any ideas I put to them. I got great pictures of the couple kissing with the wedding party cheering behind them.

Portraits of the bride and groom on the golf course

I took Natalie and Shawn out on the golf course for pictures with just the two of them after we finished with the wedding party. We were in no rush since everyone was having a simple dinner and no reception, so I took them through all the poses I could think of. Over the years, I have learned many little things to tweak with arm positions and angles that make a difference to the pictures, but I’m always open to a bride and groom’s suggestions as well.

The groom had his Harley Davidson motorcycle at the wedding, so they wanted to take some pictures that showed off the bike. I thought setting it up right in front of the clubhouse turned out great. I remember Shawn said the picture of Natalie alone with the Harley would be his new phone wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜„. Thankfully, just in time, the overcast sky cleared up, and we started to get beautiful light filtering through the trees and foliage. I loved the light backlighting the bride and groom and even reflecting from some of the greenery in the background.

After I took a few pictures of the family having dinner together, I was done for the evening and getting ready for my big wedding the following day. Please keep checking back. As my work slows down, I will post more wedding pictures from this busy weekend. If you are planning a wedding at Litchfield Country Club, please let me know. I would be happy to give you more information.

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