Invoice Payment Options

To avoid fees, you are welcome to send a check payable to Ryan Smith Photography: 2678 High Brass Tr., Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 or use Venmo (note info below) or Cash App. Please include a copy of your invoice or write the invoice number on your check to help me identify it. You can make a partial payment, for example, a deposit, with a check or with an option below.

My username is @Ryan-Smith-Photography, or scan the barcode with your phone camera. Direct link

Please Note: Venmo has started charging a 1.9%+$.10 transaction fee if you switch on the refund protection or select that your payment is for a “good or service”. Let me know if you want to do this first so that I can add this fee to your invoice. You can Venmo as a “friend payment” and do not select refund protection, and there is no fee. If my phone number is requested, use “3613” as the last four digits of my cell.

Do not select this option if you want to avoid paying a transaction fee.
Scan or tap to pay

My username is $ryansmithphotography. Direct link$ryansmithphotography. You can send a CashApp payment using my phone number 843-352-8640, with no fees.

Scan or tap to pay

Credit Card Payment Form

This form allows you to pay by credit card, which requires a small fee. Check above for alternative payment methods such as Check, Venmo, or CashApp that have no fees.

Before using this payment form, you should have already received a separate invoice with your total and breakdown of charges. This form will allow you to pay the invoice by credit card. Please Note: The form should automatically add my credit card processing fees which are 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. This should happen automatically when clicking outside the payment amount form field.