Invoice Payment Options

You are welcome to send a personal check payable to Ryan Smith Photography at my new address 151 Empyrean Circle, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588.

You can also use Zelle or Cash App with no fees. Please include your invoice number on your check or other payment method to help me identify it. You can make a partial payment, such as a deposit, with a check or option below.

If you wish to use a Credit Card, use the form at the bottom, where a small processing fee will be added.

You can pay using Zelle to the email address or by scanning the QR code below.

My username is $ryansmithphotography. Direct link$ryansmithphotography. You can send a CashApp payment using my phone number 843-352-8640, with no fees.

Scan or tap to pay

I’ve had to stop accepting Venmo by default because they have started charging new fees, and while there is a way to avoid this, clients don’t seem to completely understand my instructions and keep incurring the fees. If you want to use Venmo I still can, but contact me separately and I will give you detailed instructions and verify them. Thanks!

Credit Card Payment Form

This form allows you to pay by credit card, which requires a small fee. Check above for alternative payment methods such as Check, Venmo, or CashApp that have no fees. Also, if you do make a credit card payment, they no longer let me refund the small processing fee if that becomes needed.

Before using this payment form, you should have already received a separate invoice with your total and breakdown of charges. This form will allow you to pay the invoice by credit card. Please Note: The form should automatically add my credit card processing fees which are 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. This should happen automatically when clicking outside the payment amount form field.