Pawleys Plantation wedding with a Beauty and the Beast themed reception

I always love going to Pawleys Plantation Golf Club for a wedding. It’s a beautiful area, and the staff there is very friendly. I loved the bride’s dress at this wedding. She had a Beauty and the Beast Disney theme for the dress and wedding reception. You can see some pictures of the ballroom decorations below. I recently got a new 14mm prime lens, so I enjoyed playing around with some wide-angle shots of the reception decorations. Looking through the lens, it was so wide that I realized I was almost sticking my camera in the cake. It’s not the kind of lens that I will use often, but it’s fun for a few shots here and there. I also finally got a huge case to carry all my gear. It’s the largest Lowepro rolling case they have. It looks like a big suitcase, but inside, it has dividers for photo gear. I have my four camera bodies, flashes, various lenses, etc., all organized together in one case.

The wedding ceremony was a few hours before sunset. So after the bride and groom finished eating, I took them back out of the reception for some sunset pictures. When the days start getting longer, most ceremonies will be a while before sunset, so if possible, I always try to get the couple out for some sunset pictures when the light is much softer. At least at locations like Pawleys Plantation, with many trees, there is always somewhere to get shade from the sun. I hope you enjoy the pictures below. Please let me know in the comments below if you do.

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  1. Ryan photographed our wedding on Friday, March 21, 2014. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! He captured all of our moments so beautifully! The price is absolutely unbeatable for the work he does!


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