Beautiful Afternoon wedding at Wachesaw Plantation

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Wachesaw Plantation for a wedding. It’s a really pretty wedding site on the Waccamaw River, it’s especially nice at sunset the way the light filters through the many trees. The bride and groom at this wedding wanted to do a first look so they could get most of the wedding pictures done before the ceremony. That is actually a nice way to do things because the couple can start having fun as soon as the ceremony is over. This also means though that most of the pictures would be done earlier in the day when the sunlight is a lot harsher. Thankfully at Wachesaw, there are a lot of big trees for shade, so it really wasn’t a problem. I was still able to bring the couple out of the reception for a few before sunset pictures which were really nice. I’m sure you can pick out below the ones taken closer to sunset.

This was my second wedding with my new Lowepro bag. It’s the biggest one you can get. I’m really loving this thing, I can pack all my gear now in one bag, and it’s got nice wheels and a handle for pulling it around. I guess the only bad thing is, occasionally I’m in a spot where I can’t roll the bag, and then I have to carry it by its handle. With as much gear as I’m packing this is pretty difficult.  But so far I’ve been able to roll it in most places. I’ll include a quick cell phone picture because all my real cameras are in the bag. I like to have a camera body for each lens instead of trying to switch them. Wedding photography is generally about how fast you can work, so I like to have everything ready to go.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, please let me know if the comments if you do.

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