Cold and windy day for engagement pictures at the Myrtle Beach State Park

There are always a couple of winter months when no one wants portraits done outdoors or on the beach. During those months, I always have some things to do, like wedding album layouts and catching up with clients about orders from the previous year, but it’s nice to be getting busy taking fresh pictures again. I seem to be getting an early start this year with some engagement sessions and even a wedding this coming weekend.

I’m highlighting the engagement session this time for a couple with an upcoming wedding I’m photographing this summer. It was a freezing and windy day at Myrtle Beach State Park. I guess because the ocean temperature is so low right now, it seemed much colder on the beach than it did a little bit inland. Thankfully I brought along a sweatshirt, but I was still cold even with that on. I felt terrible for the couple because they were freezing in what they wore, and I felt a little guilty in my sweatshirt. They wanted to go for it anyway, and we got some outstanding pictures even with the wind and cold. The sky had an unusual look that day that gave a uniqueness to the photographs, and we were the only ones on the beach. I guess a girl knows she has a pretty good guy if he will stay in a good mood through the cold and even three different outfit changes :) It makes me look forward to the wedding, knowing a couple is easygoing and will make the best of things.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below. Please let me know if you do by liking or sharing the photos and commenting below.

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