Wedding at the Kaminski House Museum in Georgetown, SC

This was my first time photographing a wedding at the historic Kaminski House Museum in Georgetown. This is located at the end of the Harborwalk on the Sampit River in Georgetown. This house was built back in the mid 1700’s by a wealthy SC merchant. Sometimes I forget what a long history Georgetown has. After many renovations and changes, this is a very beautiful area for a wedding ceremony. There are huge oaks and lots of foliage on the bank of the river that make a beautiful background for the ceremony and pictures after. Thankfully, Georgetown isn’t like it used to be years ago. They have really cleaned up the smell of the papermill and I don’t notice it at all anymore.

Cadey and Toby were a very sweet and fun to work with bride and groom. They didn’t want the traditional getting ready pictures. So I just arrived at the Kaminski House a little while before the ceremony time. Since the groomsmen were already there, I had some time to get some nice shots of them before the ceremony. The main inside part of the house is off limits to the wedding guests, so everything has to take place outside. The reception was set up under a large tent on the front lawn. I got some really nice pictures of the details and table decorations while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Sheri, with Coastal Charms Weddings, always does a great job and is very nice to work with.

Ceremony on the lawn by the Sampit River

The ceremony was held on the lawn overlooking the river, between some huge old oak trees. It’s a very beautiful spot for a wedding ceremony. The only issue is, with the reception tent located so close, it made it difficult to get pictures of everyone walking down the aisle. Something I love about the new Nikon mirrorless cameras I use, you can hold them up in the air and still get accurate autofocus using the back screens. Not always having to look through the viewfinder makes me a lot more flexible in tight situations.

Right after the first kiss, I got some cute shots with the bride and groom walking together down the aisle. We then took all the family pictures under the oak trees. It’s always so great having a nice shady spot for family pictures after the ceremony. Next, we went down to the fountain at the beginning of the harborwalk, for pictures with the bridal party. I especially liked everyone standing around the fountain and cheering while the bride and groom kissed.

Sunset pictures on the Georgetown Harborwalk

It was still a little early for the sunset, so Cadey and Toby did their first dance and ate some dinner while we waited for sunset. We started the sunset pictures right around the Kaminski House itself. There are a lot of beautiful trees and foliage nearby for getting that out of focus sunlight filtering through the background. Next, we walked down onto the Harborwalk for pictures. I’ve taken pictures on the Harborwalk in Georgetown a number of times, just never for a wedding held at the Kaminski House.

I remember, in the past, I was able to take some pictures down on a dock out on the water in the area. I couldn’t find that spot this time, I think we would have had to walk further down the boardwalk to find it. They were very tired and it was getting late so we didn’t venture too far, but we still got some really nice pictures on the boardwalk. The fountain is also a really pretty spot for sunset pictures as well. We even got some great pictures after dark with the lights hanging from the trees near the house.

After the sunset pictures they went back for the reception under the tent and everyone had a great time. It was my first time working with DJ Mike with Raise the Roof, he did a very nice job. I hope you enjoy the pictures, if you are planning a wedding at the Kaminski House please let me know, I would love to photograph another one there.

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