Wedding at 21 Main Events with a flower cannon and local celebrity visit

I’ve been shooting a lot of weddings lately at 21 Main Events at North Beach. It’s becoming one of my favorite venues. I really like the combination of the private courtyard for the ceremony, then the gazebo and beach for pictures at sunset. Plus they have have really great food.

My wife Lizeth came along as a second photographer on this wedding. I recommend a second shooter for weddings at 21 Main because she can take pictures from up on the balcony during the ceremony. When we arrived Alexandra, the bride, wasn’t at the venue yet. However her dress, flowers and rings were already there. This gave me plenty of time to get some nice detail shots.

My wife went with Dan, the groom, to take some getting ready pictures with his father in a nearby apartment. Dan’s best man was not able to make it at the last minute, however one of his friends stepped in to take the role for the ceremony. This was a simple bridal party with only two bridesmaids and Dan’s friend in place of the best man. Once Alexandra arrived I checked if she had any other detail pictures she wanted and then took some nice shots of them getting ready.

Ceremony in the courtyard

The groom had a huge smile on his face through the whole ceremony, especially when seeing Alexandra walking down the aisle. I always make sure to get a shot of the groom’s face when seeing the bride for the first time, and I think he had one of the best smiles I’ve seen. The groom’s last minute best man still made the best of it even in his casual shirt and jeans.

My wife always goes up on the balcony behind the courtyard and takes some cool overhead shots of the ceremony. It’s especially nice getting some different angles of the first kiss. Normally, I would get some large family group shots after the ceremony from up here as well, but some family wasn’t feeling well and it ended up not working out.

An almost bad accident with the flower cannon

They were also having flower petals shots from the balcony as they walked back from the ceremony. I do wish I had coached Alexandra to hold the bouquet down towards the ground when Dan dipped her back for a kiss. It’s still a great picture even if their faces are a little hidden. If you notice, in the second shot from overhead, there is a white pipe flying through the air! My wife caught just as the PVC pipe flew off under the pressure and narrowly missed hitting them. Afterword, everyone had a big laugh about it, and it was no big deal. It really does make a nice picture with them kissing under a shower of petals.

After ceremony pictures with a visit from Ed Piotrowski

After the ceremony we took the family pictures and then some of the bride and groom in the courtyard. We have a local weatherman, Ed Piotrowski, who is a celebrity in the Myrtle Beach area. Alexandra and Dan had watched him for many years and were fans. They asked if he could stop by at the wedding and he said yes! Ed and his wife seem super friendly and nice and I could tell it just really made Alexandra and Dan’s day that they came by.

Sunset pictures on the gazebo and beach

It was still a little early for sunset so we got the first dances out of the way, then I drove the bride and groom down to the towers for some pictures. I liked that Dan really loved my Tesla, I almost think he wanted to take it for a drive instead of heading back to the reception. We were planning on just doing pictures at the gazebo because it was a overcast and they were getting tired. However, I noticed the sun was trying to poke out from the clouds, so we decided to go down to the beach. I’m really glad we did. The sky ended up being really pretty and we got some great pictures by the marsh and ocean. Sometimes, overcast and cloudy days can end up with really unique looking skies at sunset.

Reception in the ballroom at 21 Main

Once we got back, they ate dinner and then went into the cake cutting and dancing. Everyone was really having a great time on the dance floor, even some of the older family members. I always like pulling the couple out for a few pictures in the courtyard after dark. The lights hanging over the courtyard make a really great background for some final pictures. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, if you are planning a wedding at 21 Main Events please let me know I would be happy to help!

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