Engagement pictures at the Georgetown Harbor Walk and new Retina display support for pictures

This is my second blog post to fully support the iPad with a Retina display. Sadly, the images for all my older posts are not high enough resolution to support a high dpi display like the Retina iPad without uploading everything again. Most people that use the 3rd or 4th generation iPad probably don’t understand how it supports image viewing on the web. They know that sometimes pictures look fantastic on it.  Very few websites fully support it.  What happens now on my blog is if it detects a retina display, it will serve up a double-resolution image.  For example, you will see a 1250px wide image on a normal display. On an iPad Retina, you will get a 2500px wide image. However, the image will still fit the same space on the screen, and it will be the same relative size as on any other display.  The pixels are more densely packed together, making the image look sharp and clear.  I haven’t seen other wedding photographers online supporting the retina displays on their websites. If you have good eyesight and look closely, you will notice how much clearer the images in this post look compared to most websites.

Anyway, enough about that. This was a great session I had with this couple at the Georgetown Harbor Walk. They saw pictures of the last couple I photographed at this spot, and they wanted to do something similar.  The sun had changed position a bit, so I had to change some angles from what I did last time. I think everything turned out nice, let me know in the comments below if you enjoy the pictures!

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