Beautiful afternoon wedding at Wachesaw Plantation with a horse drawn carriage

I always love going to Wachesaw Plantation for a wedding, the oak trees on the Waccamaw River make a great backdrop for pictures, especially at sunset. It’s been a long time since I’ve photographed a wedding with a horse and carriage, it always makes for some really great pictures. I guess riding in on a carriage is the type of thing you really have to be at a plantation or garden style location like Wachesaw for it to work. I got the business card of the carriage company so I’ll add it to my favorite vendors page, maybe it will give some brides the idea for their wedding.

The couple wanted to go to the Oak Alley for pictures, I’ve never been to that area in Wachesaw before. It was really beautiful with the afternoon sunlight, large house with columns, oak trees, and carriage in the background for the pictures of the bride and groom. The only problem, which I’ll have to keep in mind to mention to couples in the future, riding to this spot on a carriage takes a long time! It took about 30 minutes there and back so we ended up running about an hour late for the reception, and I still didn’t have as much time as I wanted for the pictures. Every wedding ends up being rushed so I’ve learned to get a lot of pictures in a short amount of time.

Even being short on time after the family pictures, I still was able to get some really pretty pictures with the couple on the Waccamaw River with the oak trees in the background. If it could have been about 30 min later the sunset would have been beautiful, but even at this time of the evening the sun was giving off that pretty yellow glow on the moss in the oak trees. This wedding I worked with Elizabeth Hodges, a great wedding planner and the DJ Wally B always does a great job as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures below, please click like or comment below if you do!

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  1. Your pictures are gorgeous… I am getting married there on9/3/16 and would love to speak to you about pricing /packages :))


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