Winter wedding at Wildberry Farm in Marion, SC

This was my first time photographing a wedding at Wildberry Farm in Marion. It’s similar to another old farm location I loved from a previous wedding. Wildberry Farm is a beautiful area with a small wedding chapel, a house for the bride to get ready, and a huge reception area. They have a couple of old barns that also make for some good photo spots. It’s unusual for me to have a wedding in the middle of January. I’m glad the weather turned out so lovely, even if it was a little cold in the evening.

The pictures in this blog post are picked out a little differently from normal. The bride picked out her album selections very quickly after the wedding, so instead of picking out just what I like for this blog post, the pictures below are almost all the bride’s picks for her album. I removed a few family pictures and personal things and added a couple I liked that the bride didn’t pick. I’ve learned that clients sometimes look at the images differently than I do. I might like a picture with the most exciting lighting or a unique out-of-focus background, something technically interesting or different. Of course, a bride is looking more for photos that make her look her best or that show the emotions of her family and friends. Being a photographer is always a balance between wanting to shoot something exciting or different while making sure you are always thinking about what the client wants first.

I’m also still having a lot of fun with my drone. I have the same one that crashed on the White House lawn, so I hope they don’t make these illegal. I’ll post another panorama from Huntington State Park at the end of the pictures. I’m always careful not to fly close to people; everyone seems interested when they see me flying it. One older photographer I met at the park said he is getting one for sure. I hope you enjoy the pictures below. Please like this post or comment below if you do.

Another 360 Panorama at Huntington State Park
360 Panorama shot from DJI Phantom at Huntington State Park. If you click this image, you can view it full screen, zoom in and out and scroll around the panorama.

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  1. Great photos of the wedding! My daughter is considering this venue and your photos gave us a nice candid view of the space during a beautiful ceremony.


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