Wedding under the moss covered oaks at the Reserve Harbor Marina Clubhouse

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve photographed a wedding at what used to be called the Reserve Harbor Yacht Club in Pawleys Island. It seems like they have changed their name. It’s now the Safe Harbor Reserve Harbor Marina Clubhouse. This location highlights the beauty of the Pawleys Island area, with the ancient oak trees covered in moss and a boardwalk through the forest that goes out onto the Waccamaw River. I love these Pawleys Island scenic spots where you can get that warm glow of the sunset filtering through the mossy trees in the background.

Hurricane Ian changed the wedding plans

Cathy and John had the original plans for their October 15th wedding thrown off by Hurricane Ian. Even though it was only a Category 1 storm when it hit Myrtle Beach, it flooded many coastal areas and devastated most of the dunes along the beach. I’m so sad how the dunes in the Pawleys Island area almost thoroughly washed away. The wedding was originally supposed to be at the Pawleys Island Chapel. We planned to take some beach pictures and then head to the Reserve Harbor Marina for photos at sunset. Because of the damage and flooding around the chapel, the ceremony moved to the lawn behind the harbor clubhouse.

I think Cathy and John ended up happy with the ceremony location changes. The spot they picked backs up to an old brick wall and giant towering oak trees with lots of shade. While the Pawleys Island Chapel is at a pretty site on the marsh, it is dated and not that beautiful inside. I much prefer an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful location with lots of trees. Time is always tight at a wedding, and having everything take place in the same area saves a lot of time and makes everyone more relaxed.

Beautiful sunset pictures on the boardwalk to the Waccamaw River

After the ceremony, we took all the usual family and bridal party pictures. The bridal party was a bit unique and fun as well. If I remember correctly, two groomsmen and one bridesmaid were the groom’s brothers and sister, and then two bridesmaids and one groomsman were the bride’s siblings. So the whole wedding party was family. We ended up just taking the pictures right near the ceremony location. It was ideal, with the great shade and pretty light filtering through all the trees in the background.

The Reserve Harbor Yacht Club has a unique feature. A long boardwalk heads out through the forest and along the edge of the Waccamaw River. This boardwalk is a beautiful picture area with all the moss-covered trees surrounding the well-cared-for path. I loved some of the shots of Cathy and John on the boardwalk with the sun in a perfect spot to create excellent out-of-focus light filtering through the trees and moss in the background.

We then walked a bit further down the boardwalk to the area that goes out over the Waccamaw River. I also love all the moss hanging over the walkway with the river heading off in the background. I even got a fun shot with the groom lifting the bride up into the air for a kiss. We were running short on time by this point, so we headed back to the clubhouse to start the reception.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below. Please let me know if you plan a wedding at the Safe Harbor Reserve Harbor Marina Clubhouse ( Reserve Harbor Yacht Club ), and I can show you some other beautiful weddings from this location and give you more information. As always, it was great working with Ash Events and DJ Broadway Jake Productions at this wedding.

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