Beach ceremony at 21 Main Events in North Myrtle Beach with a fun bridal party

I’ve had ten weddings at 21 Main Events at North Beach so far this year. In fact, I had three in a row there last week! It’s a beautiful location with a great staff, so I’m happy with how often I get to shoot weddings there. I’ll try to post more when things slow down. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you can see pictures from more recent weddings at this venue.

Fun pictures with the bridal party at the courtyard and gazebo

My wife was assisting me as a second shooter at this wedding. Taylor, the groom, and the rest of the guys were getting ready in an apartment near the courtyard at 21 Main Events. Kayla and the bridesmaids had a room in one of the North Beach towers. I left my wife with the guys for some getting-ready pictures while I went with the bride and bridesmaids. Later on, I looked through the pictures she took. When I saw the pose of the groom lying on the table in front of the guys, I jokingly told her I couldn’t leave her alone for the guys’ pictures anymore. She was making them do some weird stuff! Of course, I was joking. I knew it was just the guys having a good time and being silly with the pictures. My wife did a perfect job of capturing all the craziness. I especially like the emotional beer proposal under the gazebo, it looks like he said yes!

I got some great shots with all the bridesmaids as well, even if they weren’t quite as crazy. Since we were already down at the towers, after my wife finished the guys’ photos, I took Kayla and the bridesmaids out for pictures under the gazebo. It’s great when the couple leaves a little extra time after getting ready for fun pictures like this.

Wedding ceremony on the beach behind the North Beach Towers

Many of my wedding ceremonies at 21 Main Events at North Beach take place right in their beautiful courtyard. I actually prefer the courtyard because you have some shade from the sun, and you can be sure no one is in the background of the pictures. Another option they offer is having the wedding right down on the beach behind the towers. One nice thing about this is I can collect everyone right after the ceremony for beach pictures. The bridal party had more fun together, and the bridesmaids even lifted up the groom for a shot.

I knew I was bringing the bride and groom back out to the beach later for sunset pictures, so after the group pictures, we returned to the gazebo for a few more portraits of everyone together. I loved the fun photos of them kissing with the bridal party cheering in the background.

Sunset pictures with the bride and groom

I’ve had many weddings at 21 Main Events where we don’t even go down to the beach for pictures. The courtyard is very pretty, and I can take a lot of great shots right in that location. But I always love going down to the beach at sunset if there is time. There is a beautiful spot where the water runs into the ocean, and the sun sets right behind the water. Even though it was a little cloudy, the sunset was beautiful, and Kayla and Taylor had a lot of fun with their romantic beach pictures.

Reception and nighttime pictures in the 21 Main courtyard

After the sunset pictures, we were out of time, so I didn’t get any photos of the bride and groom together in the courtyard. Weddings are always on a time limit, so sometimes you have to choose which location is the most important. After a beautiful first dance backlit by the cold sparkler fountains, I pulled the bride and groom back out for nighttime pictures under the lights in the courtyard. I try to do this at every wedding because it’s stunning with the greenery and glow from the lights in the background.

Of course, with this group, the dance floor got wild as well. I always love working with DJ Eyecon. Even though this was one of his smaller setups without some of his fancy lighting, he still creates a great party atmosphere on the dance floor. Taking off the garter got especially wild. It was also great working with Luminous Event Films. He is a very nice videographer that is easy to work with. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Let me know if you plan a wedding at 21 Main Events at North Beach. I’ve got lots of wedding examples I can share with you.

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