Beautiful sunset by the Waccamaw River – Wedding at Wachesaw Plantation

This was another stunning wedding couple that I had the privilege to photograph at the Kimbels Restaurant at Wachesaw Plantation in Murrells Inlet, SC. I’ve had a couple of weddings there this year that turned out fantastic. This bride and groom, instead of having the wedding ceremony on the lawn at Wachesaw Plantation, held it at a historic location in downtown Georgetown. This couple did the traditional wedding receiving line after the ceremony. Many wedding organizers will pull the family away before the guests exit because it can take a long time to greet everyone on their way out. However, if there is plenty of time, I always love candid pictures of the family and friends hugging the couple on their way out. I usually stand behind or to the side of the couple to catch the expressive faces of the family as they embrace the bride and groom.

After the ceremony, we went to the Wachesaw Plantation Club for pictures and the reception. The bride was very understanding that I was coming down with a bad cold that day, and she said she had just gotten over one. It’s always so nice to have a wedding where the whole family is happy, things are well-planned, and everyone is having a good time.

It was especially nice that they left plenty of time for pictures. We didn’t have enough time to go to the Oak Alleyway like some of my other recent weddings at Wachesaw Plantation. But that gave us more time for beautiful sunset pictures by the Waccamaw River with the sunlight filtering through the moss-covered oak trees. On the opposite side of the clubhouse, the golf course also makes a lovely backdrop for photos, although we ran short on time once we got there. We finished most of the pictures before the reception, but I pulled the bride and groom back out for some quick pictures right before sunset. I think their sunset pictures are some of my favorites yet from Wachesaw! I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please click like or comment below if you do!

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