Winter family pictures at the Atalaya Castle

I thought I would make a quick post about a couple of my family portraits sessions over the Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t normally take clients to the Atalaya Castle at Huntington State Park in the summer because the traffic is terrible. It’s only about 17 miles south of Myrtle Beach, but that trip can take 45 min or more depending on traffic. I’ll be very happy when they finish up the new road construction and that traveling south from Myrtle Beach will be a little easier.

With the clients featured below, we didn’t pay to go inside the Atalaya Castle at all, but there are still a lot of nice exterior areas for pictures. The front lawn with the castle in the background is very pretty as well as the patio area in the back. I normally really like the walkway in front of the castle and some other spots, but because of the mosquitoes we had to leave that area quickly. Perhaps it’s something to do with the Hurricane Matthew flooding, it’s normally not like that. There is also a walkway behind the castle that goes right down to a pretty area of the beach.

After the hurricane the dunes are very damaged all along the Grand Strand, but I think the beaches are still a little nicer in Huntington vs the Myrtle Beach State Park. If you want something different from my usual beach and pier pictures, ask me about doing them at the Atalaya Castle. I think for some of my repeat clients I’m going to suggest doing the pictures here for a little variety. I’m hoping after the new road construction is complete I can make the Huntington State Park a regular option for family pictures in the summer.

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