Golf Club wedding at Pawleys Plantation with a first look and great sunset

The Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club has been one of my favorite wedding locations for many years now. They have some new event staff at Pawleys Plantation I met for the first time. They were very friendly and everything went smoothly with the ceremony and reception. They also remodeled the ballroom a while back with a more modern look and nicer colors. I worked again with DJ Scott and CompanyBenjy Simmons and Elegant Occasions, some of my favorite wedding vendors.  You can check out more on my recommended vendor list.

This couple decided to do a first look to get most of the family and bridal party pictures out of the way before the ceremony. With the sunset being so late in June, we only did a few pictures of the two of them after the first look.  Later in the evening, after about an hour of the reception, I pulled them back out before sunset for some more shots. One of my favorite previous wedding pictures at Pawleys Plantation was of a bride in front of the clubhouse backlit by the sunset. The trees in the background make very nice out of focus highlights and long shadows on the ground, the type of thing I’m looking for. Being a similar time of the year and position of the sunset, I was able to get a very similar look with beautiful sunset pictures of this couple.  We also got some great shots on the golf course and the lake out back.

I really liked an idea this couple did during the ceremony. Instead of a sand ceremony or something typical like that, the bride’s father hand-made a wooden box for them to put in letters to each other. At their one year anniversary they will open and read the letters, then write new letters to be opened on their next anniversary.  Hopefully they will keep doing this every year, it’s a great idea to keep the romance going!

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