Springtime country wedding at Wildberry Farm with an outdoor ceremony – Marion, SC

This was my second time photographing a country wedding at Wildberry Farm near Marion, SC. Since this wedding was in late spring, the flowers in the garden were blooming, and the grass and trees were all green. These were things I missed out on at my earlier winter wedding there.  Instead of having the ceremony inside the chapel, they set up the chairs and arbor on the lawn beside the lake. This was a really pretty spot for the ceremony, with a lot of nice shade from the trees. I didn’t even know there was a lake behind the chapel the last time I was there.

In front of the bride’s cottage is a very pretty garden filled with red and white flowers. The groom helped me move around a garden bench so we could get shots of them sitting in front of the barn and surrounded by flowers.  I especially like the one of the bride and groom kissing with the flowers in the foreground and background. Having the couple framed by something like trees or flowers makes for a very pretty portrait. I also loved the picture of the groom dipping back and the bride showing off her cowboy boots. Having the red barn in the background just fits this picture perfectly. I had a lot of fun at this latest wedding at Wildberry Farm. Let me know if you enjoy the pictures by liking or commenting below!

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