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Recommended Myrtle Beach Wedding Vendors and Services

This is a list of my favorite wedding vendors I’ve personally worked with in the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area. If we have worked together and you are not listed here please send me a message and let me know!

If you are looking for my favorite wedding venues click here

Myrtle Beach Wedding Design and Planning

Memorable Moments

A nice planner I’ve worked with that had everything decorated very nicely.

Sarah McCall – Stunning and Brilliant Events

I’ve worked with Sarah a number of times now and the weddings always stay on time and run smoothly, which makes my job easier

Wedding at Pawleys Plantation with Elegant Occasion in Myrtle Beach

Elegant Occasions

I’ve done many weddings with them especially at Pawleys Plantation. Everything is very nicely decorated and organized and they do very pretty flower arrangements as well

Debbie Idol – Events on the Half Shell

She seemed relaxed and professional and everything was nicely decorated.

Kelly Catron – Gigi Noelle Events

Another popular wedding planner in the area I have worked with.

Willow Event Designs

Very nice planner I’ve worked with twice now.

Myrtle Beach DJ’s and Bands

Globaltruth Entertainment

Ryan is a fun DJ I’ve worked with many times that understands dance floor lighting which helps me out, and he has a fog machine, how cool is that!

DJ Scott and Company

Very nice and professional, brings good equipment and lighting. I’ve worked with him many times as well.

Joe Durivage

Great DJ I’ve worked with a lot, almost since I started doing weddings. I actually missed focus in the picture above, but it worked out good for a shot of Joe.

Paul Matthews Entertainment

Another DJ I see often. He is good wedding games and getting the group dancing.

Wally B Productions

Another DJ I’ve worked with many times, he has been on the radio for many years so he’s great with the DJ voice.

Fun dancing at reception

Premiere DJ Entertainment

Another great DJ, good at getting everyone dancing.

Scott Shaw Productions

Scott Shaw Productions

Fun DJ I’ve worked with many times that is good at getting the reception group dancing and participating.

Tim Clark Band

If you are looking for live music these guys are great, I’ve worked with them a number of times.

Tru Sol Band  - Pawleys Plantation

Tru Sol Band

Great live music and a fun band

Lots of fun on the dance floor Grande Dunes Ocean Club

Broadway Jake Productions

Very professional DJ I’ve worked with many times. He has a nice setup and lighting and offers Karaoke.

 - 21 Main Events at North Beach

Eyecon Entertainment

Great professional DJ with an elegant setup and color changing uplighting as well as dance floor lighting.

Myrtle Beach Wedding Videographers

Heart to Heart Media

I’ve worked with them a number of times, they do a very modern film like wedding video.

Anchor Films

I’ve worked many times with the owner and some of his assistants and they are great to work with. I loved the video from my recent wedding, they also do the modern, film like video, with the shallow depth of field which I really like.

Balzotti Creative

I’ve with with her many times and we work well together and she even uses my pictures sometimes in the videos.

Myrtle Beach Wedding Officiants

Simple Wedding Day at my wedding

Simple Wedding Day

I’ve worked with Benjy Simmons many times, he officiated my own beach wedding as well!

Eric Hunt

Eric W. Hunt

A very nice professional officiant that usually adds some humor as well.

Jennifer Willis

Jennifer Willis

Very nice wedding officiant that will also do the arbor setup for a beach ceremony.

Wesley Peyton

I’ve also worked with Wesley Peyton many times and he always does a nice job.

Myrtle Beach Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists

Ami Creations

I’ve worked with her many times over a lot of years. They are very professional and always seem to have the bride ready on time, they are also very friendly and nice.

Wing Wong – Salon & Spa 18

Another great makeup artist and hair stylist I’ve worked with many times. He is also very good at scheduling and making sure the bride is ready which I appreciate very much.

You Only Better Makeup Artistry

You Only Better Makeup Artistry

I’ve also worked with Peggy Boodro many times and she often has the bride’s makeup already done by the time I arrive.

Florist, Cakes and More

Heritage Carriages

Heritage Carriage

I’ve done a couple of weddings where they provided a horse and carriage, it’s really a beautiful thing if you are having a plantation or garden wedding.

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