Bridal portraits at Pawleys Plantation and the Conway River Walk

I don’t typically do an many bridal portraits as other types of photography.  A lot of people prefer to do engagement pictures with me and just do some bridal style pictures at the wedding.  But it’s always a lot of fun when I get to. This is one of the best kinds of photography you can do, a bride all dressed up for a wedding, without the stress and limited time of the wedding itself.  It’s pretty hard to go wrong as long as you have a pretty location to work with.

I thought I would post just a few pictures from recent bridal portraits at Pawleys Plantation area and from the Conway River Walk. Pawleys Plantation is a private area so you would probably have to be doing a wedding there to get to do this, but the Conway River Walk is freely open to everyone.  It’s one of my favorite spots.

Bride walking toward to clubhouse – Pawley’s Plantation
Bridal portrait in the flowers behind the clubhouse – Pawley’s Plantation
Bride sitting on the clubhouse steps -Pawley’s Plantation
Bride backlit by sunlight coming through the trees -Pawley’s Plantation
Bridal portrait in the sunlight in front of the clubhouse – Pawley’s Plantation
This is the one the bride picked for display at her wedding – Pawleys Plantation
Pretty sky – Pawleys Plantation
Bride on the train tracks – Conway River Walk
Trying to find some good light at a bad time of the day, letting the sun be my hairlight. – Conway River Walk
Bride under the old bridge into Conway, high structure black and white –

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