Bride and groom sitting together of golf course greens

Early afternoon wedding photography at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club with a fun couple

Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club is one of my favorite locations that I photograph weddings at often.  The staff is very friendly and helpful and the site is great for photography. There isn’t much I can say that I haven’t said in some of my earlier blog posts about the site.  This wedding ceremony was in the early afternoon, so we had some harsh sunlight during the ceremony, but it wasn’t too bad.  The golf course behind the clubhouse is a great place for a wedding and for pictures after, it is nice to do everything in the same area …

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Couple kissing on the fallen tree

Pawleys Plantation wedding with a Beauty and the Beast themed reception

I always love going to Pawleys Plantation Golf Club for a wedding, it’s a very pretty area and the staff there is very nice.  I really loved the bride’s dress at this wedding, she had a Beauty and the Beast Disney theme to the dress and wedding reception.  You can see some pictures of the ballroom decorations below.  I recently got a new 14mm prime lens so I was enjoying playing around with some super wide-angle shots of the reception decorations.  Looking through the lens is so wide though I realized I was almost sticking my camera in the cake without realizing it.  It’s not the kind of lens that I will use often, but it’s fun for a few shots here and there.  I also finally got a really big case to carry all my gear. It’s the largest Lowepro rolling case they have.  It looks like a big suitcase, but inside it has dividers for photo gear.  I have my 4 camera bodies, flashes, various lenses etc. all organized together in one case.

The wedding ceremony was a few hours before sunset, so after the bride and groom finished eating I took them back out of the reception for some sunset pictures. When the days start getting longer, most ceremonies will be a while before sunset, so if possible I always try to get the couple out for some sunset pictures when the light is much softer.  At least at locations like Pawleys Plantation with a lot of trees, there is always somewhere to get some shade from the sun.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, please let me know in the comments below if you do.

Bride on porch of Pawleys Plantation Bride and sister on porch of Pawleys Plantation

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Beautiful wedding party pictures reflecting in the lake at the Holiday Cottage in Brookgreen Gardens

Wedding ceremony at the Holliday Cottage gates in Brookgreen Gardens with a large bridal party

I was meeting with some clients today that are having an upcoming wedding at the Brookgreen Gardens Holliday Cottage area. I’ve done a number of weddings at this location, so I was showing them my most recent one as an example, even though it was from last summer 2012. I realized that I never posted about this wedding on my blog. I think it was just my busy time of the year and a lot of weddings miss out on a storyboard. However, with this one in particular, I realized I really needed to put a post about it.

If you notice at the top of my blog, you can select a drop down menu of weddings locations. One of the selections is the Brookgreen Gardens area. Checking out this category, I realized the last wedding listed was from over 2 years ago, so I really needed to update this category with a new post. So that is what I’m doing now. This couple’s wedding reception was at another location outside the gardens, so I’m just going to highlight some of their pictures from the Holliday Cottage itself, and then from the garden gates near the cottage where the ceremonies are held. I hope you enjoy them.

Sunset ceremony - Litchfield Country Club

Sunset ceremony at the Litchfield Country Club – New Storyboard Layout

The wedding I’m featuring this week was from the Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island. It’s actually been a couple of years since I have done a wedding at this location. I was a little worried about the pictures because they wanted to do a first look and then do all the family and couple pictures before the ceremony. This means that we had to start the pictures around 2 pm when the sun was still very much overhead in the sky. If this would have been at an open sky location like the beach, not only is everyone going to be squinting, but it’s almost impossible to avoid harsh shadows and raccoon eyes.

Thankfully, at a location with lots of large trees, you can usually find plenty of shade to do family pictures. I still have to be careful to make sure in the shade pictures look good, but that will have to be for another post. Actually you can get a pretty cool look, like you see in some of the pictures below, if you have the subject in the shade but the sun hitting foliage in the background. For the ceremony itself it was at the ideal time of day. It was just beautiful with the sunset going down behind the trees during the ceremony. You really can’t get better light than that.

You might notice I’ve made a couple of changes to the blog.  The blog is now super wide, however if you are viewing on a narrower browser window or smaller device it will just scale to whatever you have. I’m trying out a new storyboard layout for pictures this time, I got this pretty expensive Photoshop plugin called Storyboard that makes it easy to put together all the pictures automatically. Let me know if you like the pictures and the new layout!

Fun sunset pictures with the bride and groom at Holden Beach, NC

This is the first time I’ve been up to Holden Beach in NC for a wedding. This wedding was for a couple that was bringing together their two families with adult children. Everyone just seemed really happy and got along great. That always makes things easier for me. The wedding was held at a really pretty private home on the ocean. It was quite a long walk from the beach house down to the actual ocean. The area behind the house was huge and just full of dunes and sea oats, as well as a small lake surrounded by tall grass. This was actually one of the prettiest beach spots I think I’ve seen. It makes you realize how much they have ruined the Myrtle Beach area. All the houses and hotels are stuck almost on the ocean, it has just ruined the beach and dunes. I guess there is nothing that can be done about it now except occasional beach re-nourishment when they pump sand out of the ocean. I decided for this post to highlight just one part of the wedding, pictures of the couple that we did at sunset. The whole afternoon I had been looking at spots and thinking about what it would look like at sunset. After spending some time at the reception the couple walked back down to the beach with me right around sunset time, like usual we only had a few minutes. The angle of the sun to the ocean is different here than it is in Myrtle Beach. That is why there are a lot of cool shots with the sun going down over the ocean. There is only a brief time during the winter when the sun’s angle will be like that here. I just love in the pictures below the way the sunset reflects off the edge of the water, as well as the ones of it going down behind the lake. If you like these pictures please comment and ‘like’ the post, it encourages me to post more often. A couple of these shots have been touched up, but most have not. I hope you enjoy them.

Couple sitting in the sea oats and the sunset - Holden Beach, NCCouple sitting in the sea oats and the sunset - Holden Beach, NC

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Wedding and reception on Bald Head Island, NC

This was an exciting wedding for me, this was my first time to Bald Head Island, NC and it is a very beautiful area. If you are not familiar, the island is an almost 2 hour trip north of Myrtle Beach. To actually get onto the island you have to park and leave your car and take about a half hour ferry ride out. There are no cars at all on the island, just a lot of golf carts, bikes, and shuttles.

The actual area of the wedding ceremony I believe was called the old baldy lighthouse.  That is where you see that shot of the bride in the doorway. I really wanted to go up the staircase in the lighthouse, but the bride wasn’t up for that. I think it would be really fun to take my wife here and rent some bikes and just stay for the day. I’ll see if I can get her to go up the Lighthouse stairs and get some pictures.

We did have a few problems especially with the insects. If you ever go here in the summer make sure to bring lots of bug spray. Like happens with many weddings, the family scattered after the ceremony was over and I know the bride was worried the next day that we missed some family shots. I think she will be real happy when she realizes how many pictures I was taking of the family when she wasn’t aware of it. It is a good idea to make sure the family knows to stay around for pictures right after the ceremony, because once the reception starts, it’s hard to get everyone back together.

It’s interesting shooting on a different beach, I’ve been to lots of spots along our coast, but being out on the island the beach is at a different angle to the sun then it would be around here. It just makes for some different lighting. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below. I’m doing something new recently where I post a lot of pictures you won’t see in my galleries or on Facebook.

Bridesmaids walking together -Bald Head Island
Bridesmaids walking together -Bald Head Island
Groomsmen having a drink before the ceremony -Bald Head Island
Groomsmen having a drink before the ceremony -Bald Head Island

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After wedding pictures at the Myrtle Beach State Park

Now that things have slowed down some I’m going to try and go back and blog about some of my previous weddings and events.  This couple was married the day before, and just wanted to do some portraits of the two of them.  The Myrtle Beach State Park is really a great place for pictures because of the options like the oak trees, the pier and the really nice dunes, all in the same location.  Also, it’s out of the Myrtle Beach city limits, so you don’t get in trouble for doing picture there.  The only thing is, you have to be really careful about getting on the dunes.  I still see other photographers getting in trouble with the park rangers sometimes.  I saw this one photographer recently not only up on top of the dunes and getting talked to by a park ranger, but also waist deep in the swash trying to photograph a model, which is highly contaminated with bacteria.

Back to this couple, the evening turned out to be great with some really nice colors in the sky.  I was even able to catch some of the seagulls flying by in a few shots, which is really cool of you happen to get it.  This is a good example of how you can get some really nice pictures no matter how big your wedding is, I just did this like I would do any set of family or engagement pictures and got a lot of nice shots.  I hope you enjoy some of them below.

Couple sitting on oak tree root
Couple sitting on oak tree root
Bride leaning against oak tree - Myrtle Beach State Park
Bride leaning against oak tree - Myrtle Beach State Park

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Fun wedding at Kingston Plantation in North Myrtle Beach

Kingston Plantation seems to be one of my usual spots, like the Grand Dunes, that I end up going to frequently.  It’s nice when I get to work at the same location multiple times, I can really get to know all the good photo spots after a while.   It’s also nice because it’s out of the Myrtle Beach city limits so you don’t have to worry about getting fined by trying to take pictures on the beach.  This couple was a lot of fun, I got a lot of just casual, fun shots of them as well as really nice …

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Beautiful spot for a wedding - Holiday cottage walkway at Brookgreen Gardens

Another beautiful wedding at Brookgreen Gardens

I had another wedding at the Holiday Cottage area in Brookgreen Gardens.  I always love going there, you just can’t beat the background and lighting that you get with lots of trees and a garden.  The weather had been so nice that a number of flowers were in bloom, this is always great in the background of a picture.  This wedding was for the bride that I recently did the fun bridal portraits for, you can read about that a couple of blog posts down from here.  I actually noticed at this wedding I didn’t take quite as many total …

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Everyone in the pool

I had a really fun wedding a couple of weeks ago.  It was for Jason and Aracely from the website blog  You really should check out their adventures backpacking around the world, there are some nice pictures and stories on the blog.  The groom and I got along really well as he is also very interested in photography, so we ended up talking about it a lot.  I was showing him how great the Nikon D700 is in the low light at the reception, if you haven’t used a full frame camera before, ISO6400 is pretty amazing.  This wedding was at a beach house in Myrtle Beach, with a pool in the back. I’ve never been to a wedding before where the groom actually threw the bride in the pool.  I just wish he had warned me he was going to do it, I wasn’t quick enough to get the shot until they were already in the pool.  Later in the evening everyone ended up either jumping in the pool, or getting thrown in, including the DJ.  It was a wedding I won’t forget. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below.

Now that's a first kiss
Now that's a first kiss!

Groom holding bride upside down

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