After wedding pictures at the Myrtle Beach State Park

Now that things have slowed down some, I’m going to try and go back and blog about some of my previous weddings and events.  This couple was married the day before and just wanted to do some portraits of the two of them.  The Myrtle Beach State Park is a great place for pictures because of the options, like the oak trees, the pier, and the nice dunes, all in the same location.  Also, it’s out of the Myrtle Beach city limits, so you don’t get in trouble for taking pictures there.  The only thing is, you have to be careful about getting on the dunes.  I still see other photographers getting in trouble with the park rangers sometimes.  I saw this one photographer recently, not only up on top of the dunes and getting talked to by a park ranger but also waist-deep in the swash trying to photograph a model, which is highly contaminated with bacteria.

Back to this couple, the evening was great, with some very nice colors in the sky.  I was even able to catch some of the seagulls flying by in a few shots.  This is a good example of how you can get some nice pictures no matter how big your wedding is. I just did this like I would do any set of family or engagement pictures and got a lot of nice shots.  I hope you enjoy some of them below.

6 thoughts on “After wedding pictures at the Myrtle Beach State Park”

  1. Janice West Christy if you get a chance, look at how the photographer had Melissa pose with the single rose, from the bush that you gave me, in remembrance of my dad….. Thanks, Dawn Polo Walker.

  2. Claire Sheldon Milyo these pics are beautiful. Your daughter is gorgeous and Myrtle Beach State Park is a great place for pictures! The flower pales in comparison to the bride!


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