Wedding and reception on Bald Head Island, NC

This was an exciting wedding for me, this was my first time to Bald Head Island, NC and it is a very beautiful area. If you are unfamiliar, the island is an almost 2-hour trip north of Myrtle Beach. To get onto the island you have to park and leave your car and take about a half-hour ferry ride out. There are no cars on the island, just a lot of golf carts, bikes, and shuttles.

The actual area of the wedding ceremony was called the old baldy lighthouse.  That is where you see that shot of the bride in the doorway. I wanted to go up the staircase in the lighthouse, but the bride wasn’t up for that. It would be fun to take my wife here, rent some bikes, and stay for the day.

We did have a few problems, especially with the insects. If you ever go here in the summer, bring lots of bug spray. Like many weddings, the family scattered after the ceremony, and I know the bride was worried that we missed some family shots the next day. I think she will be really happy when she realizes how many pictures I was taking of the family when she wasn’t aware of it. It is a good idea to make sure the family knows to stay around for pictures right after the ceremony because it’s hard to get everyone back together once the reception starts.

It’s exciting shooting on a different beach, I’ve been to lots of spots along our coast, but being out on the island, the beach is at a different angle to the sun than it would be around here. It just makes for some different lighting. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below. I’m doing something new recently where I post many pictures you won’t see in my galleries or on Facebook.

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