Kiss by the flowers in the Palmetto Garden Brookgreen Gardens

Surprise marriage proposal in Brookgreen Gardens

I had a lot of fun photographing a recent surprise marriage proposal in Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet. April is a great time of the year for taking pictures in Brookgreen. The springtime flowers are blooming and they also have extended hours until 8pm. Normally the gardens close at 5pm so it would be impossible …

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Beautiful wedding party pictures reflecting in the lake at the Holiday Cottage in Brookgreen Gardens

Wedding ceremony at the Holiday Cottage gates in Brookgreen Gardens with a large bridal party

I was meeting with some clients today that are having an upcoming wedding at the Brookgreen Gardens Holiday Cottage area. I’ve done a number of weddings at this location, so I was showing them my most recent one as an example, even though it was from last summer 2012. I realized that I never posted about this wedding on my blog. I think it was just my busy time of the year and a lot of weddings miss out on a storyboard. However, with this one in particular, I realized I really needed to put a post about it.

If you notice at the top of my blog, you can select a drop down menu of weddings locations. One of the selections is the Brookgreen Gardens area. Checking out this category, I realized the last wedding listed was from over 2 years ago, so I really needed to update this category with a new post. So that is what I’m doing now. This couple’s wedding reception was at another location outside the gardens, so I’m just going to highlight some of their pictures from the Holiday Cottage itself, and then from the garden gates near the cottage where the ceremonies are held. I hope you enjoy them.

Beautiful spot for a wedding - Holiday cottage walkway at Brookgreen Gardens

Another beautiful wedding at Brookgreen Gardens

I had another wedding at the Holiday Cottage area in Brookgreen Gardens.  I always love going there, you just can’t beat the background and lighting that you get with lots of trees and a garden.  The weather had been so nice that a number of flowers were in bloom, this is always great in the …

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Fun bridal portraits at Brookgreen Gardens, Holiday Cottage

It was nice going to the Holiday Cottage in Brookgreen Gardens without actually being there for the wedding ceremony.  I always get some nice shots of the bride at the cottage area, but it’s nice to have a whole hour just to concentrate on the one thing without being rushed.  This gives me enough time to be able to switch lenses and set things up a bit more, for example using my 50mm f1.4 almost wide open.  The bride featured here is actually having her wedding in Brookgreen so we were allowed to do pictures in the area without any additional charge.  I talked to Sally Gomez, the manager of private events at this location, and as I had heard, she told me it’s a $200 charge to do pictures for an hour in the gardens. This may seem like a lot of money, but you are getting personal service at the cottage and it’s just a beautiful area for pictures. So I would highly recommend considering making the investment if these type of pictures are something you are interested in.

The bride pictured here had a lot of creative ideas and wanted to do shots with the idea of her trying to be the perfect wife, but messing up quite a bit.  She actually brought a tray of burnt cookies and some shirts with burn marks from the iron to use as props. I think everything turned out really nice, I pictured in my mind what we would do and I think it pretty much turned out just like I had wanted, hopefully the bride feels the same way.  I knew from past experience that a lot of nice window light comes into the cottage, and I think I was able to capture it.  After we did shots in the cottage we went out to the lake and then to the gate area where they usually have the wedding ceremonies.  The old gate and brick wall is one of my favorite spots in that area.  I had this bride do a similar shot of walking through the gate that really worked well for me in the past.  I also love some shots of the bride against the gate with the way she is framed by the foliage, hopefully for the actual wedding at the end of March there might be some flowers as well.  I had some more ideas for shots to try, but the hour we were allowed went pretty quickly.  I got about 20 or 30 really good ones, so it was plenty.  I will post some of my favorites below.  If you like some of these please let me know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with my latest pictures.

Bride leaning on old brick wall - Brookgreen Gardens - Holiday Cottage
Bride leaning on old brick wall - Brookgreen Gardens - Holiday Cottage
Bridal portrait near gate - Brookgreen Gardens - Holiday Cottage
Bridal portrait near gate - Brookgreen Gardens - Holiday Cottage

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Wedding at Brookgreen Gardens – Murrells Inlet

It’s been a long time since I did a wedding at Brookgreen Gardens. It’s a really pretty area and weddings there always seem to turn out beautiful. This ceremony was at the Holiday Cottage, which was the same location I had a wedding the last time. I guess they also have weddings in another part of the gardens as well, but the cottage area is very nice.  In the past the only way a photographer could work in the gardens was if they were working for a wedding. However, the wedding coordinator at the Holiday Cottage told me they have a new policy.  I need to check into it, because I would love to be able to do engagement pictures from time to time. I believe they charge a substantial amount for doing a shoot in the gardens, but it might very well be worth the price for a couple. Anyway, I had a lot of pictures I really liked. I tried to pick out some of them so I could have a reasonable length blog post. I hope you enjoy them below. If you like the pictures, don’t forget to make a comment, and click the Facebook like button above.  You can also subscribe to this blog at the bottom of the page.

Bride in doorway of Holiday Cottage - Brookgreen Gardens

First look - Walking to see groom for the first time in dress - Brookgreen Gardens

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First look – Brookgreen Gardens

I just wanted to put up a quick post about a recent wedding in Brookgreen Gardens, I will likely be putting up a post with more general pictures from this wedding later on.  The bride wanted to do first look pictures, where instead of seeing the groom at the ceremony like normal, they did something special beforehand.  I hadn’t really done this before exactly, but I thought what would look good was the bride in focus as she walked towards the groom out of focus in the background.  Actually I should have done this with a different lens, and it would have been even better, but I really liked the results.  I will post some shots below, these are special because I’m not going to put them all up in my gallery, without context it would look like a bunch of pictures of the same thing.

First look at Brookgreen Gardens - Murrells Inlet

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