Wedding on the beach at 21 Main Events for new parents with their baby boy and a fun wedding party

During this slower time of the year, I love to go back to some of my favorite weddings of the previous year and share them on my blog. This October 15th wedding at 21 Main Events in North Myrtle Beach was very special to me. The bride, Michelle, is blind and has difficulty hearing. It was hard for me to realize that she would never be able to see the beautiful pictures we captured that day. When I arrived, they set me up with a microphone on my shirt to help. However, I found that if I was loud and clear and with some help from the family, I could always communicate what I needed for the photos. Michelle and Ian also had a baby boy who was all smiles most of the day and very cute for the pictures.

Pictures before the ceremony at the gazebo and beach

Michelle and Ian wanted to finish all the pictures before the ceremony, so we started at the gazebo in front of the North Beach Towers. This is a great spot to take photos earlier in the day because it helps with the harsh sun. The day was slightly overcast, so we had a nice soft light for the pictures anyway. I love the photos of the bride and groom with their baby boy. He had such a big smile when he saw Mom and when Dad was holding him up in the air.

We got some great wedding party poses as well. I always love using the North Beach Gazebo for fun pictures with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I had Ian dip back Michelle for a kiss with the wedding party cheering behind them. This is one of my usual wedding party pictures, and it’s fun when they really get into the cheer! After some romantic portraits with the two of them, we headed to the beach for pictures before the ceremony. The overcast sky was helpful that day. It’s not quite as pretty as it would be at sunset, but it gave a soft light to the pictures and we had a bit of blue sky showing in the background.

Wedding Ceremony on the beach behind the North Beach Towers

At 21 Main Events, you can have your wedding in the courtyard or on the beach behind the North Beach Resort Towers. During the summer, I highly recommend choosing the courtyard for your weddings; it gives shade from the harsh sun, and the beach is very crowded at that time of the year. With this wedding in October, the weather was cooling off, and the beach was much less crowded so I could capture ceremony pictures with no one in the background.

I noticed how cute their little boy was with Grandma during the ceremony. When I have time during the ceremony I always try to capture the family’s emotions and take pictures of the guests as well. After literally tying the knot with their three-stranded cord, they took a final picture on the beach wrapped in a big towel with this last name on the back of it. I usually like to go to a pretty area where the marsh runs into the ocean for sunset pictures. However, the bride was tired and the time was getting late, so we headed back to 21 Main Events.

Twilight pictures in the courtyard at 21 Main Events

Because we spent the whole day near the beach, I didn’t have a chance to take any photos of the bride and groom in the courtyard. For many of my weddings at 21 Main Events, I take most of the pictures in the courtyard and head to the beach if there is time at sunset. So this wedding was a little different. I still wanted some photos in the beautiful courtyard with all the greenery and lights, but it was almost dark when we arrived.

I loved the courtyard twilight pictures we took. There was still a slight amount of light from the setting sun, and I put a flash behind the couple for rim lighting. It was dark enough that you could begin to see the glow from the hanging lights but not so dark that all the lighting was artificial. I thought it was a perfect time of the evening for romantic pictures in the courtyard.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from this special wedding at 21 Main Events. If you are planning a wedding there, please let me know, it’s one of my most frequented venues so I’m always happy to give you more information.

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