Rainy wedding day at Litchfield Country Club with a beautiful sunset

During the summertime in Myrtle Beach, we have very frequent afternoon thunderstorms. The day can look like it’s going to be great, then suddenly, we will get a downpour. We also have the opposite happen, where the weather forecast shows rain all day, then the sky will clear up at sunset, and it will be beautiful. When I have a client scheduled for sunset pictures, I always tell them not to get discouraged and just wait as long as possible before canceling. Of course, at a wedding, we have to make the best of things, rain or shine.

For this recent wedding at Litchfield Country Club, the weather looked good when I arrived. The groomsmen were having fun playing some pool and hanging out in the large men’s locker room inside the clubhouse. The bride and bridesmaids were finishing up their hair and makeup before getting dressed. It was a perfect time for me to take some getting-ready pictures and shots of the bride’s dress before she put it on.

Litchfield Country Club has a beautiful outdoor location for ceremonies backed up by some large oak trees and lush greenery on the golf course. There is also plenty of shade and great sunlight filtering through the trees behind the bride and groom. However, not long before the ceremony time, it started to pour rain outside. We tried to delay the ceremony for a while, but the rain wasn’t letting up. The staff finally had to make the call to move everything inside quickly. There is a nice location for ceremonies in front of the upstairs fireplace, although it’s a bit cramped up there. It’s always great to have a good backup plan in case of rain.

The rain messed up some of the bride’s plans. She not only wanted to take pictures on the golf course but to go down to the beach as well. However, all was not lost. The clouds cleared up just in time for sunset, and the sun came out. We were not able to get down to the beach for pictures, but we got some beautiful sunset shots on the golf course. I think the colors of the plants actually looked even more green and lush because of all the rain. We were a bit limited on time, but we also got some great shots of the bridal party on the golf course bridge, with some beautiful reflections in the water.

It’s always best not to get discouraged, even on a rainy day. There are usually breaks in the rain to get out for some pictures. Even if it does pour all day, try to bring a nice umbrella. We can still get some beautiful and romantic pictures in the rain. I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you are planning a wedding at Litchfield Country Club, please let me know, and I would be happy to help you out!

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