Beautiful riverfront wedding at the Kimbels in Wachesaw Plantation

It’s great to finish out the 2020 season with some amazing weddings. Even though the weddings have been a little smaller this year because of Covid, I’ve still had some of my favorites ever. The Kimbels restaurant in Wachesaw Plantation is one of the most beautiful locations in the Myrtle Beach area. Especially if you are looking for trees and moss instead of the beach. The Kimbels ceremony location, overlooking the Waccamaw River, is a beautiful spot for portraits at sunset. There is also a picturesque oak allee surrounded by large moss covered live oak trees on either side.

When I arrived at Wachesaw Plantation, a couple of hours before the ceremony, Lauren and Justin were both getting ready at one of the nearby apartments. They really didn’t have a wedding party besides the bride’s sister who was officiating, and whose wedding I also shot about 6 years ago now. They also had their daughter as the flowergirl and their nephew as ring-bearer.

Lauren had a beautiful window in the room where she was getting ready. I used it for some pictures of the hanging dress surrounded by the sunlight and for portraits of the bride. Because the wedding ceremony was being held close to sunset, I knew we would be really tight on time for pictures after the ceremony. So the bride and groom decided to do a first look. This way we could get the family pictures out of the way before the ceremony.

After the first look, we drove to the Oak Allee in Wachesaw Plantation to take pictures. With no bridal party, the family pictures went pretty fast. We did make one big mistake. If you look below, you will see a picture of the bride and groom with their daughter in front of the beautiful home. Almost immediately after this picture, the little girl decided to run and go face first into the muddy grass. Thankfully, I had some towels in my car. They were able to clean her up enough that you can’t even tell in the pictures. So everything worked out fine!

The sunset ceremony on the Waccamaw River in Wachesaw Plantation was gorgeous. Normally, ceremonies at this location, have to be held many hours before sunset. With the sun going down so early in November, they were able to have the ceremony when the light was soft and beautiful. I took some HDR pictures, one of which is my featured image above. I combined a couple of exposures, so you can really see the beautiful sky, without it being overexposed. I also got some really cute shots of the sand ceremony. The bride and groom had their daughter join them in pouring in the sand.

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings at Wachesaw Plantation. Something about the sunset that day, and also the fact that I’m using more advanced off camera flash techniques, I think these are the most beautiful pictures I’ve taken at this location. It also helps that we got the necessary family pictures done before the ceremony. This way I could just concentrate on the bride and groom’s pictures after. The moss covered old live oak trees by the Waccamaw River at Kimbels, is probably my favorite spot for pictures, in all of Myrtle Beach. The sunlight filtering through the moss and branches makes an amazing background to pictures. The reception was also a lot of fun, they had a live band to play music and a lot of fun on the dance floor.

If you are planning a wedding at the Kimbels in Wachesaw Plantation please let me know, I definitely think I have some of the best pictures taken by a wedding photographer at that location. Let me know and I can share some more past weddings with you, you can also check out my album when you are there. I hope you enjoy the pictures below. Make sure to keep scrolling until you get to the sunset portraits after the ceremony, they are really worth checking out.

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