2020 romance in Myrtle Beach – Favorite engagement pictures of the year

Covid-19 has messed up a lot of plans this year. But it didn’t stop many determined couples from getting engaged in Myrtle Beach during 2020. As things get busy during the summer, I don’t have as much time for posting to my blog. So I thought I would make a quick, end of the year, blog post highlighting a number of different Myrtle Beach area engagement sessions. You can also check out a couple of pre-lockdown engagement session from last Spring here.

I had a variety of different, already engaged couples, coming to the Myrtle Beach area for pictures. As well as a few surprise proposals on the beach. I loved the cowboy boots on the beach, from my first couple, in the Huntington Beach State Park below. Next, I had a surprise marriage proposal at the Myrtle Beach State Park. I’m glad the pier has opened back up for 2020, it’s a great spot to catch the sunset at the end of a session. I next had a few more engagement sessions at the Atalaya Castle in Huntington. I’ve convinced a lot of couples to even get a little wet in the ocean at the end of their sessions.

I also had a number of couples that brought their dogs along for the engagement pictures. All dogs are cute, but the one in the little shirt collar and tie below was extra adorable. One of my surprise proposals below, they also had their dog along for the pictures. It was pouring rain that day, but he was determined to propose to his girlfriend, before heading back home from Myrtle Beach. He had plans to have a videographer with a drone as well as myself to capture the event. The drone was out of the question, but the videographer and myself waited on the beach, in the rain, for the couple to walk towards us. It must have taken some convincing to get his girlfriend to walk down the beach in the rain, but she said yes, and I got some great shots of the two of them after.

A few of the couples below, I’ve already taken their wedding pictures as well. Some of my engagement pictures are just couples, down on vacation in Myrtle Beach, making their wedding plans back home. Many are with couples that I’m also shooting their wedding. Doing engagement pictures, before a wedding, is a great way to get to know each other, and I highly recommend it. I hope you enjoy the pictures below, if you are planning to propose or if you are already engaged, please let me know I would be happy to take some unforgettable pictures for you!