Spring wedding at The Venue at White Oaks Farm

This beautiful April 23rd wedding at The Venue at White Oaks Farm was a great start to the busiest part of my wedding season. Being a new venue, this is only my second wedding at this location. My last wedding there was in winter, so it’s nice to be back when the grass and trees are turning green. Christina, the bride, had chosen my all-day wedding package, so she had both my wife and myself for photography as well as my photo booth. I was also working with Shari of Coastal Charm Weddings, one of my favorite wedding planners.

Pajama party, first look, and pictures before the ceremony

Around noon that day, my wife dropped me off at the home where the girls were getting ready while she headed over to the venue. This way, I could ride over with the girls and take pictures of the “pajama party” on the limo bus. After getting to White Oaks Farm, I took photos around the venue and more of the girls in their pajamas. I also took some time with the bride’s details. My wife waited for the guys to arrive. Christina wanted to catch them coming with their suits slung over their shoulders. I happened to be outside when they arrived, so I got caught in one of my wife’s pictures.

We then did a first look with the bride and bridesmaids and her and her father. Then I took Christina and Jordan out for a first look with just the two of them. It was early in the day, so the sun was really harsh, but we found some nice shade right in front of the ballroom for the first look. After this, we went out by the lake for some bridal party pictures. Even when the sun is very strong like it was at this time of day, you can get some great-looking shots if you keep the sun behind the subject and use some fill flash. Christina and Jordan even did a private dance right before the ceremony began.

Ceremony under the arches by the lake

They had a beautiful ceremony in the usual spot on the lawn in front of the lake, and I got a great shot of the first kiss and even a second kiss as they walked back down the aisle. The wedding videography was by Drake Imaging. It’s always great to have a friendly videographer to work with at weddings. Sometimes the angles of my pictures and some closeups will naturally be more limited because I have to use care not to stand in front of the video cameras.

After the ceremony, we took more bridal party pictures, family pictures, introductions, and first dances. I held off on doing more shots with Christina and Jordan until later, at sunset.

Sunset pictures with the bride and groom and lots of dancing

After dinner, I took the couple back out by the lake for pictures in the sunset. Jordon was tired by this point and did not want too many photos, which I can understand. However, he kept going, and I got some romantic shots of the couple. I took more pictures by the lake backlit by sunset and in front of the octagon on the little dock. We finished up with portraits in front of the black entrance doors to the venue. Jordan even got to have some fun with one of his groomsmen and their lightsabers. I could tell he needed a break from all the formal wedding events and pictures and just to have some fun.

After this, everyone had a great time dancing, then finally a sparkler exit. This wedding was a long day of almost 12 hours for my wife and me. But I don’t mind working hard when I can make a bride and groom happy. They gave me some excellent reviews, making it all worth it. If you are planning a wedding at The Venue at White Oaks Farm, please let me know. I would be happy to give you more information.

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