Winter wedding at the Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island

This fun wedding at the Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island was a great way to start the 2019 wedding season! Even though it was early in March, the temperature was perfect. It was overcast for most of the day including during the ceremony. However, the sun poked out from the clouds just in time for some beautiful sunset shots of the couple on the golf course. The bride didn’t want a lot of getting ready shots so I arrived about 30 min before the ceremony. I still had time for a few pictures after she put on her dress and I got some cool shots of the guys playing poker together.

The ceremony took place on the lawn beside the clubhouse. This is a great location for a wedding ceremony with the large trees in the background. Because of the overcast day, we didn’t have sunlight filtering through the trees in the background. However, the clouds still gave a nice soft look to all the pictures. After the ceremony we did the family pictures and then pictures of the bridal party right there on the lawn. Next, we went out to the golf course and bridge for some fun bridal party shots. I especially liked the picture of the groomsmen picking up the groom.

After the bridal party pictures I took some portraits of the bride and groom by the golf course pond, the golf cart path bridge, and then out on the golf course itself. There were even a few early flowers blooming in the garden, so I tried to get them in a few romantic shots as well. We had to work fast to finish the pictures because of the early sunset in March, however, we managed to fit in a lot of great shots.

About Litchfield Country Club for Weddings

I realized, looking back, I’ve never really made a detailed blog post about a wedding at the Litchfield Country Club. Weddings and events are handled by some of the same staff as at one of my favorite locations, Pawleys Plantation. Annie and the rest of the staff always do a fantastic job. Litchfield Country Club is a smaller wedding venue. I would recommend this location for weddings of around 100 or so guests. While there are some overflow areas, the main dining area is fairly small. There is, however, a very large dance floor and raised nook area for the DJ. There is also a large entrance room with a fireplace, couches and separate bar area where the guests can hang out when not dancing.

The reception area is on the upstairs floor of the clubhouse. Downstairs is a separate bar area and dressing rooms for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. It is nice that the wedding party has private areas to get ready and hang out before the ceremony. Again, this venue is much smaller, than for example its sister site Pawleys Plantation, but there is still plenty of space for a reasonable size wedding party to get ready.

The grounds around Litchfield Country Club are very pretty. The lawn were the ceremony is held is great with the large oak trees and garden in the background. I do realize, however, that I have to use some care with the angle of my shots. There are cars parked behind the ceremony area, which isn’t ideal. This is where great lenses that can blur a background come in handy. There are a lot of scenic locations for pictures around the property including a bridge, garden areas, lot of trees, ponds and of course the golf course itself. Litchfield Country Club is a great spot for smaller size weddings, especially with the great staff. I hope you enjoy the pictures, let me know if the comments if you do!

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