Engagement pictures at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club in Pawleys Island

I had a fun winter engagement session at the Caledonia Golf & Fish Club in Pawleys Island this past weekend. This is a beautiful former site of a southern rice plantation located along the Waccamaw River. The best feature here is the entrance roadway. It’s surrounded by centuries old live oak trees with their moss covered branches overhanging the roadway. I’ve noticed for engagement pictures in Myrtle Beach, couples are usually looking for either beach pictures, or for an area with a lot of large trees where the sunlight can filter through the moss. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club certainly fulfills that second desire.

There are a many beautiful plantation and golf course settings around Myrtle Beach for engagement pictures. For example Mansfield Plantation in Georgetown and Brookgreen Gardens. However this couple didn’t want to spend a lot of extra money on the location itself, and many venues such as Mansfield and Brookgreen charge clients to do pictures on their properties, if they allow it at all. I was surprised that there is no charge at all to take pictures at the Caledonia Golf & Fish Club! The only thing they require is that you visit the pro shop and sign a waver. They also give you some instructions on where you are allowed to take pictures. The entrance roadway with the beautiful live oaks and around the clubhouse is allowed. However, the golf course areas are completely off limits. I understand as they don’t want to disturb the golfers or have their greens damaged.

After signing in we got a few pictures on the golf cart path with some great moss in the background. Then we went to the main attraction, the roadway surrounded by the all the moss and oak trees. I was surprised, it being the middle of February, that there were already flowers blooming. I tried to get down low over the bed of flowers to pick up some of the great color in the foreground of the picture. We also found an old brick wall surrounding the golf course area with some ferns and flowers that made a nice spot for the couple to sit together. Finally, we did some pictures on the green riverbank of the Waccamaw River. The marsh river grass and sunset in the background was really beautiful. I hope you enjoy the pictures below, if you want to have your own engagement pictures taken at the Caledonia Golf & Fish Club please let me know!

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