Summertime wedding at Wildberry Farm

Now that the busy season is over I’m going to post pictures from some of my weddings from earlier in the year. I always love going to Wildberry Farm in Marion, SC for weddings. Especially when the garden flowers are in bloom. I remember this wedding especially because it was one of the hottest days of the summer, and there wasn’t any breeze at all! The wedding was outdoors by the lake, which is a beautiful location, however everyone was really suffering from the heat.

I remember the bride’s mother telling me that sadly her father had just recently passed away before the wedding. They had a picture of him placed in a chair at the wedding. Her brother walked her down the aisle and gave her away to the groom. It was nice that in the sand ceremony the bride and groom’s daughter also participated in the sand ceremony.

I had to go quickly with the family and bridal party pictures after the ceremony because everyone was having a difficult time with the heat. I still got a lot of fun pictures around the lake and barn area. Then later, after the bride and groom cooled off, we went back out for more pictures at sunset. I especially liked the pictures we took in the garden area. The flowers were not quite as pretty as a previous springtime wedding I had at Wildberry Farm, but they still turned out great. I hope you enjoy the pictures, let me know by liking or sharing if you do!

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