Winter wedding at the Doubletree Resort in Myrtle Beach

This was my first time photographing a wedding at the Doubletree Resort by Hilton since it changed owners. They have recently done some remodeling that makes it a much nicer location for weddings then when it was the Springmaid Resort.  The large room where receptions are held still has the look of a conference center with fluorescent type lighting. But with some extra decorations and lighting it looks quite nice, and it’s a very large area with a big dance floor that can fit many guests. There is also a pretty terrace area that overlooks the ocean where the guests can hang out if the weather is nice. I would recommend if you have a reception here to make sure you hang up some extra string lights or put some uplighting. When a lot of small led lights become out of focus in the background of a picture, it can make any location look elegant and romantic.

This bride and groom was very nice to work with and I got a lot of fun pictures with the wedding party as they got ready before the ceremony. Like happens frequently with a large bridal party, everything was running a little behind at the wedding. With the early winter sunset time, we only had 15 minutes after the ceremony to do all the pictures before the sun dropped below the horizon. I very quickly took the bride and groom out to the terrace and then down to the beach for some pictures. Then, even though the sun had set, I was able to use some extra off camera lighting and the little bit of natural sunlight left in the sky for pictures with the bridal party. Something that comes from 10 years of experience, if I need too, I work very fast taking pictures.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, like or comment if you do!

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