Aerial panoramas from the beautiful country of Colombia

I recently had the opportunity to travel and spend about a month in the country of Colombia in South America. It was great to get away from the cold weather we have had this winter in Myrtle Beach. I went well prepared but also smart with my camera gear. My professional Nikon cameras and lenses are too large and heavy to travel with comfortably. So in addition to my DJI Mavic drone I also brought along the new Fuji X-e3 and the excellent 35mm and 24mm Fuji prime lenses. This turned out to be a great combination for out of the country travel, I was able to pack everything in a small backpack. We did a lot of hiking in the jungles at the Chicaque National park near Bogota so I’m very glad I had some lightweight camera gear.

I stayed most of the time in the city of Bogota, so we spent a lot of time walking around the city as well as traveling in the nearby countryside. I took a lot of pictures around the city but in this post I want to just highlight some of my panoramic pictures. Because of the size of the panoramas I can’t post too many at once. The first picture is a panorama of La Candelaria in Bogota. This is the very old part of the city founded in the 1500’s and is a popular tourist location. The second two pictures were taken from the top of the Torre Colpatria. You can ride the elevators up to the roof of the tallest tower in Bogota and get some great views of the city. We went up right before sunset and it was a beautiful view.

Some of my favorite panoramas were from the Cocora valley in Armenia. These have some of the worlds tallest wax palms. I was able to take some full 360 degree panoramas flying over the valley. At the beginning of this post I will also include a short video highlighting some of the beautiful locations I was able to fly the drone. I hope you enjoy the pictures, I will eventually try to post some more pictures from the trip. If you want to see the pictures larger you can click download below each picture.

4k drone video compliation from Colombia

Panoramas from Colombia

Slide pictures to the left with mouse or finger to view. Click download to view full size.

A panorama taken at the city square in La Candelaria – Bogota ( Download )
A panorama taken from the top of the Torre Colpatri of Bogota before sunset ( Download )
A panorama taken from the top of the Torre Colpatri of Bogota after sunset ( Download )
Represa del Sisga – Beautiful river in the farmlands of Colombia ( Download )
Farmlands of Boyaca – Drone panorama of the mountain farmlands in Colombia ( Download )
Recuca Coffee Plantation – Panorama of the fields at the Coffee Plantation ( Download )
Hiking in the valley of Wax Palms, Colombia ( Download )
360 degree drone aerial photography of Cocora Valley and the Wax Palms in Colombia ( Download )
Aerial photography of the valley with the world’s tallest wax palms ( Download )
Sunset at Salento in Colombia ( Download )

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  1. Beautiful work. Congrats, hope you had a pleasant trip in that wonderful land. Thank you for share such impressive images.


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