Outdoor wedding at the Barefoot Resort Dye Club with a wild cake cutting and sparkler exit

It’s been a number of years since I’ve photographed a wedding at the Dye Club in Barefoot Resort. I’m glad to be back there for a wedding it’s a very pretty area. The Dye Club has a very traditionally elegant dining room with enough tables for a large group. I lit some of the candles so I could get nice details shots earlier in the day while no one was inside.  There is also a large dance floor area and separate area with the bar where the buffet line was setup.  Below I put a picture of the dress hanging from a chandelier. That hallway with the large oriental rugs also makes a nice spot for before ceremony pictures with the light coming in the doorways at either end. The ceremony itself was held on the lawn behind the clubhouse that overlooks a lake on the golf course. It’s a really nice area for a wedding with plenty of space for everyone to get ready and have a good time at the reception.

For this wedding I went down the day before and got some rehearsal pictures, it was nice to check out the area again since it’s been a while. After the wedding ceremony we also went down to the beach for some pictures, the bride and groom had the fun idea to open up a champagne bottle with the bridal party on the beach. My Nikon D810 shoots about 6 fps which was plenty fast to get the cork popping as well as everyone’s reactions as the foam shot out of the bottle. It was one of my favorite pictures I’ve done recently because it was something I haven’t shot before. Because it took a little longer than we expected to get down to the beach and back, we had to do the sunset pictures back at the Dye Club quickly. But I still think they turned out really well, I especially like the couple standing in front of the golf course lake with the clouds reflecting in the water.

The cake cutting that night got pretty wild. The bride actually shoved the entire groom’s cake in the face of the groom! I always try to be ready for anything during the cake cutting and I’m glad I was for this one, I got some really fun shots. Finally, one other thing I wanted to mention, was the sparkler exit. I setup a secondary flash inside the doorway. I think it gave a cool look with the light streaming out of the doors as the couple left the club.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, please let me know in the comments if you do.

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