Surprise engagement proposal with the whole family at the Myrtle Beach State Park

I’ve been doing a lot of surprise marriage proposals recently. I think it’s because I’ve blogged about it several times, and clients must be seeing my posts. Whatever the reason, I always enjoy doing these, so I hope I keep getting more.

I believe this engagement proposal was a real surprise. She was under the impression we were doing portraits of the whole family. I took pictures of the five different couples, including parents and grandparents, up by the oak trees and then by the dunes. When it was the about-to-be-engaged couple’s turn for pictures, he picked up the ring box the family had hidden near the dunes, got down on one knee, and proposed. She was genuinely surprised, so he did an excellent job of keeping it a secret. I ended up getting a little carried away with the number of pictures that evening because I was doing five different couples, and I took over 800 shots.

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