Ethiopian wedding at the Dunes Club in Myrtle Beach

I always like when I get to do a wedding with a different cultural style, this was my first Ethiopian style wedding at the Dunes Club up in Myrtle Beach. This wedding was pretty typical but they did have some interesting customs at the reception.  The dancing was quite different than what I’m used to at weddings, it really got all the family involved and made for some good pictures.

The only problem we had was the wedding was running almost an hour late so by the time I got to taking the pictures of the couple we had very little time left.  I literally was told we had to go into the reception after 5 minutes and had to insist we do a few more in front of the club. I know the bride wanted more pictures of the two of them on the beach. If you have an elaborate complex wedding with a lot of things going on, you really do have to plan the time out accurately.  They were such a great looking couple I wish I had more time.  But the shots of the two of them I did get I thought turned out very well.  There are also some pictures of this couple in my engagement gallery. I hope you enjoy some of these below.

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