Intimate wedding at Cherry Grove Point in North Myrtle Beach

I always love when I have a chance to post pictures from a wedding at a new location. I’ve actually done family pictures at the Point in Cherry Grove, but I’ve never shot a wedding ceremony there. This is a unique location in North Myrtle Beach where House Creek meets up with the ocean and there are lots of undulating natural dunes. So many areas of Myrtle Beach have the houses and hotels built so close to the ocean that we don’t get to see natural dunes like this. In the background there you can also see Hog Island and its many towering trees.

I would bring families to this beautiful location more often for pictures, however the parking is a nightmare. In fact, even for this wedding, the only parking I could find was about a 15 minute walk away. In the summer it’s even worse. So sadly, I would only recommend this spot during off season in Myrtle Beach, unless you don’t mind quite a walk to get there.

Small Wedding Ceremony at Cherry Grove Point

This was a very small wedding with just the bride and groom’s immediate family. They had only hired me for a couple of hours of photography, so I was just there to get pictures of the ceremony and the family and couple portraits after. I was also working with Luminous Event Films who was shooting the video. The bride and groom had their cute dog as the ring bearer for the ceremony. I always love when couples have dogs in the wedding. The bride and groom’s brothers were the only ones in the bridal party.

I love small, relaxed weddings like this! Sometimes, I can even get even better pictures of the couple, then I can at larger weddings. Usually at a big wedding everyone is on a set timetable, and we have to be to the reception dinner long before sunset. I always try to pull the bride and groom back out for sunset pictures, but if the reception is far away from the beach, that isn’t always possible.

Because they were just going to dinner with the family after, this couple gave me and the videographer as much time as we needed. We had right up until sunset to take video and pictures. After signing the marriage license and having a pretend first dance under the wedding arch, we headed down to the ocean for pictures. I love some of the pictures of them on the dunes and with their cute dog. As it got close to the actual setting of the sun, we went back to the House Creek area and got some beautiful portraits with Hog Island in the background.

You might also notice in some of these pictures how crisp and clear even the shots backlit by the strong sun are. This is due to the new Nikon 85mm lens for their new mirrorless cameras. You can check out more of my thoughts about this here.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. If you are planning a wedding in the Cherry Grove area on the beach please let me know, I would be happy to help!

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