Wedding portraits on the golf course at Pawleys Plantation

I’ve had a very busy October this year with weddings. In fact, I had three weddings in two weeks at one of my favorite locations, Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club. The wedding I’m featuring below was a small relaxed one. This gave me more time for taking pictures with the bride and groom after the ceremony. Normally I would just do pictures of the couple around the clubhouse, but the bride wanted to take a golf cart and do some pictures out on the golf course itself.

The course winds through the salt marsh area of Pawleys Island and has many beautiful spots for pictures. As we rode down the golf cart path a tree on the marsh really caught my eye.  The curving branches of the oak tree make a perfect frame for the bride and groom standing underneath it. Sunlight filtering through the branches of a tree always makes a great background for a romantic picture. I also liked the way that the entire clubhouse can be seen in the background of some of the pictures. 

I got out my drone for a few quick sunset pictures of the country club during dinner. I now have my FAA Remote Pilot certification so I can fly the drone commercially. So far I have just been using it for landscape pictures of wedding locations.  If anyone wants some aerial photography let me know, just keep in mind I can’t fly it at the same time as I’m taking other pictures, so I can’t use it during the wedding ceremony itself.  Also it takes me about 5 minutes to setup the drone and get it flying, so you will need to leave some extra time for any aerial shots.  That is why I usually just fly the drone during the reception dinner or some time when I’m not needed for other pictures.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below, I have a number of weddings I want to feature on my blog in the next few weeks, so keep checking back. 

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