Fun wedding on the lawn at the Hilton in Myrtle Beach

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve photographed a wedding at the Hilton in Myrtle Beach. Using the cool new search box on my website menu to the left, I put in Hilton and realized I hadn’t made a blog post for that location since 2010. By the way, my entire site is now running on WordPress so you can search for anything throughout my site. It’s really nice if you want to see pictures from a particular location, try out some searches and see what you find.

You might have noticed that my website has gone through some changes, it should be extremely fast now and switching everything to WordPress makes it much easier to add content to my pages without having to edit actual code. I’m using some heavily customized templates so my photo galleries and introduction page is different from what you will see on other WordPress based sites. I’m also running on a really fast server with my images hosted on a content delivery network so all my pages should typically load in under a second.

This latest wedding was a fun couple having a destination wedding at the Hilton. The ceremony was at the typical area where they set up on the lawn behind the hotel. There is a nice arbor and dunes for the background of the ceremony, it’s a really pretty location. Even in June the hotel is tall enough that it shades everyone from the afternoon sun. The actual beach area at the Hilton is pretty crowded in June, and the dunes there aren’t very nice. It’s just the way it is at most of the older hotel locations in Myrtle Beach, I notice with new construction in the area they put a lot more work into dunes preservation. Combined with the nice lawn area it’s still a very pretty location. They also did a remodel on the reception room on the top floor, it is much nicer now and has a great view out of the many surrounding windows.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below, please let me know in the comments if you do.

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