Bridal portraits at the South Carolina State House and Conway Riverwalk

I combined two recent bridal portrait sessions into this one post since their weddings were recently over. The first bridal session was at the South Carolina State House in Columbia. It’s always fun to take pictures somewhere I’ve never been. This bride has family that works in the government, so we had special access to go wherever we wanted. The only problem was the terrible weather that day. We had to run through the rain to get to the State House, and all the pictures had to be done inside. The grounds around the area are beautiful, so I wanted to get outside and have the city of Columbia as a background for the pictures. The best we could do for outdoor photos was by the columns under the front porch. Thankfully, there are a lot of great spots inside, and I still think it turned out well. I also just shot her wedding, and I’ll post pictures soon.

For the second bride, we went to one of my usual locations on the Conway River Walk. That area is always beautiful, with the old bridge in the background and being able to walk out on the train tracks, as long as the bride is a little adventurous. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes if you want to try this. I think she was delighted with the pictures as well. This has nothing to do with the bridal portraits, but I just got a DJI Phantom Vision drone with which I’ve been having fun. I took it down to the river walk and took some pictures. I’ll include a panorama I took with the drone at the end of this post. They are talking about allowing commercial use of these, so someday I might figure out a way to use it for clients. I hope you enjoy these. Let me know in the comments below if you do.

Panorama I shot with my drone of the Conway Riverwalk. Click image to see it larger.
Panorama I shot with my drone of the Conway Riverwalk. Click image to see it larger.

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