Fun engagement pictures in Garden City on a cold afternoon and Storyboard 3

I haven’t had a chance to blog about engagement portraits in a while. Things are getting slow so I thought I would post some pictures from this recent cold weather engagement session down at the southern tip of Garden City Beach. I’ve done many photo sessions down in Garden City, but this one was unusual because they live in a private neighborhood that I normally can’t photograph in. The southern end of Garden City is very pretty, it’s a short walk from the beach to the board walks that go out and over the marsh. It’s not very often I get to shoot on a marsh walkway because most of these are privately owned and marked with no trespassing. They also brought along their two dogs to get in some of the shots. Because they are still puppies they wouldn’t sit still for more than a second or two.  Besides it being so cold and the couple having to suffer from freezing a bit, I think everything went really well. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

For the pictures below I’m using the new Storyboard 3 Photoshop script. For a couple of years now I’ve been using the Storyboard software to do my blog layouts, it’s a more fun way to tell a story with pictures instead of just putting one picture right after another. It’s really necessary to do a layout like this for a very wide format blog like mine, otherwise portrait format images would be far taller than the screen on some displays.

There are WordPress plugins and other things that will sort of simulate a storyboard look, but this software is the only thing I’ve found to give full control over the layout and really make it look exactly like I want. The new version 3.0 adds a lot of new features like a Mac Droplet, so I can drag pictures directly from Lightroom into Storyboard without exporting them first. They have a new layout designer which should speed up my workflow for blogging a lot, it just has some bugs they need to work out before I can use it, I’m in contact with support. It also has new cropping and SEO tools that are things I could do manually, but this just makes it a lot faster and easier. I realize it takes me a few hours to make a blog post like this, so I appreciate any software to speed up my workflow. They have a good discount now on the new Storyboard so if you are a photographer definitely pick it up, and go ahead and get all the add-ons as well they are worth it.

Couple running down the beach with dogs Couple in front of the ocean with their dogs Couple laying in front of the dunes and kissing - Garden City Be Couple laying in front of the dunes and smiling - Garden City Be Engagement portrait in front of the sea oats - Garden City Beach Couple laying together in front of the ocean looking up - Garden Couple walking down the beach together holding hands Guy dipping girlfriend back for a kiss in front of the ocean Hugging on a cold day on the beach Fiance giving a piggyback ride Couple walking down the beach together holding hands Couple hugging on marsh walkway in Garden City Engaged couple walking down a marsh walkway Couple hugging on the Inlet Point Dock in Garden City Fiance pretending to push girlfriend into the water Engagement portraits in front of the Garden City Inlet marsh Sunset on the marsh Happy engaged couple walking down the marsh walkway Girl with big smile looking at boyfriend - Garden City Couple walking down marsh boardwalk together at sunset Couple having fun on boardwalk Couple walking on boardwalk Garden City

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