Wedding in Litchfield on Intracoastal Waterway

Last week’s wedding was at such a pretty spot. It was a private home right on the waterway in the Litchfield, Pawleys Island area, about 30 minutes south of Myrtle Beach.  It’s too bad this isn’t a regular spot for weddings, although the homeowner did say he has had about 20 weddings there, various family and friends.  I can certainly see why.  Everything went really nice as well, there was the most beautiful sunset over the waterway, you can see below many of my favorite pictures feature that sunset.  The only slight problem was during the ceremony, the brides face …

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Wedding at Brookgreen Gardens – Murrells Inlet

It’s been a long time since I did a wedding at Brookgreen Gardens. It’s a really pretty area and weddings there always seem to turn out beautiful. This ceremony was at the Holiday Cottage, which was the same location I had a wedding the last time. I guess they also have weddings in another part of the gardens as well, but the cottage area is very nice.  In the past the only way a photographer could work in the gardens was if they were working for a wedding. However, the wedding coordinator at the Holiday Cottage told me they have …

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Third year with family – Myrtle Beach State Park

I just wanted to make a quick blog post about this recent family session. This is my third time working with this family. They were one of the groups I photographed back when I was really just getting started, I’ve learned quite a bit since then, but they always seem happy. It’s nice to see the same faces over and over again. Every year I seem to get the cutest shots with the kids. They both have really big eyes that just seem to reflect the light perfectly. The family wanted something a bit different this year, so I took them around the oak trees in the Myrtle Beach State Park, and that seemed to work out really well. I love some of the shots of the girls looking through the trees. I could have put up a bunch of pictures, but I tried to pick just a few of my favorite below.

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Another wedding at the Grande Dunes Ocean Club – Myrtle Beach

I like going back to a location multiple times, it’s just so much more relaxed going to an area I already know.  This was my second wedding in the actual Ocean Club, that is at the very north end of Myrtle Beach. I’ve had a number of weddings in the Grande Dunes that had their ceremony on the beach behind the club as well.  I don’t know how the pricing compares, but overall the Grande Dunes really is about the nicest place for a wedding and reception I’ve seen.  This week everything went super smoothly.  The videographers, AAA Photography, were great and the ceremony went off without any problems at all.  The only thing about the veranda (I guess is what you call it), is for the amount of people they had at this ceremony it got to be a little tight. The videographers were really squeezed in and it was a little hard to get some angles and shots I like when I have a whole beach to move around on.  Also, the groom was so much taller than the bride, it actually made some of my shots I normally do difficult. They were a great couple, and I thought almost all the pictures tuned out fantastic. My wife seem to think the groom was a little too good looking, I might have to hide the rest of the pictures :)  I hope you enjoy some samples below.

How guys get ready for a wedding - Ocean Club
The girls are going crazy in one room, and we see the guys busy getting ready here.

Bride putting on earings in mirror - Grande Dunes, Ocean Club

Bride in doorway, black and white - Grande Dunes, Ocean Club

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Nighttime wedding at Bay Watch Resort

I was worried because this ceremony started about 20 minutes before sunset at last weekend’s wedding at the Bay Watch Resort in North Myrtle Beach.  I’ve never tried to do family and couple portraits after dark.  Thanks to the fact that the hotel has some lights out back and my Nikon D700 has amazing low light capabilities, I thought I got some really unique and interesting shots.  It was fun try to push myself doing something different. I don’t want to go into it too much, let’s just say I will never work with Seaside Wedding Chapel again.  They brought their own “photographer” and “videographer”, I’m putting them in quotes.  The videographer, a guy with a camcorder in a bright orange shirt, stood near the front in the middle of the isle.  I tried to get him to move but he wouldn’t.  The officiant, I guess is used to just working with his guys, actually interrupted the ceremony to say I was getting in the way of his videographer.  I also had to try to work with their “photographer”, which the bride asked them not to bring.  Anyway, I’ll just say I can’t go through that again, please brides be careful about hiring all in one packages.  I’m glad everything worked out though overall with the pictures.  I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures below.

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Beautiful Sunset – Myrtle Beach Park

I’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks, I haven’t had time to put up a blog post with recent pictures. Remember if you click “most recent images” on my home page you will find some of my recent uploads that don’t always make it to the blog.  Today I was working on some family/engagement pictures and I really loved the sunset and wanted to highlight some of them.  This may look like a wedding, but it was really just a family photoshoot of a recently married couple and their family. We were able to do some with the bride in her dress, and because the wedding was over she didn’t mind getting it dirty. One thing that made these pictures really nice is the fact that it was almost sunset, at a normal wedding I might be trying to do pictures 2 hours or more before sunset because of the ceremony time, which isn’t really ideal.  I hope you enjoy these.

Bride by the oak oak trees - Myrtle Beach State Park

Couple smiling at each other under the oak trees, MB State Park

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Reception at Ripley’s Aquarium

This past weekend I had a reception a bit different than I’ve ever done before.  It was held at the Ripley’s Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach.  The actual wedding ceremony was at Springmaid Beach Resort.  Ripley’s was a little disappointing, I was expecting to have the aquarium pools as the background to the reception, however you could walk in among the crowds of people in the main aquarium area and take pictures.   It really challenged my skills with the camera trying to get good pictures in the dark with a fish tank behind the couple, I think the silhouette below was one of the best.  I actually tripped on some steps and hurt my knee a bit, of course I had to act like I didn’t.  I saved the camera which is what is important.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Trying to bustle a dress

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Engagement pictures of the Myrtle Beach state park.

It’s been a while since I’ve done just engagement pictures without having a wedding involved. I had two couples this past week, both of them were great to work with.  I’ll post a few pictures from their sessions below, I think that I’m actually getting very good at getting couples to relax and have fun with the pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.

Kissing by the pier

Laying in the sand in front of the pier

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Wedding at the Hilton at Kingston Plantation

This was probably one of my favorite weddings this month so far.  It was a really nice location behind the Hilton and the weather and everything worked out really good.  It’s always better when the ceremony is closer to sunset like this one was, the only problem is we really had to rush to get everything in before dark. Everything in a wedding takes a little longer than planned. I put a few of the pictures from that day below, I really liked how emotional the bride and groom got during the ceremony.  I snapped even more shots than usual …

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Wedding at the Breakers Resort in Myrtle Beach

Below are some samples from the first of my 3 weddings this past weekend, this one was at the Breakers Resort Palms Tower.  This constant heat we have been having is very exhausting.  All the weddings turned out really nice, so that is what is important.  Plus I can’t complain about having plenty of work right now, that is certainly a good thing.  I took a lot of really good shots of the bride getting tearful dancing with her father at the reception, I posted one below. Shots that capture emotion are of course the ones that really stand out. That is why I take pictures almost constantly, I’m always afraid I might miss something good.  I hope you enjoy these and I will put up more from the weekend once I get them ready.

Father and Daughter Dance, Breakers Resort Myrtle Beach

Giving vows, Breakers Resort Myrtle Beach

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