Sunset maternity portraits in Myrtle Beach

Now that things are slowing down, I have some time to go back and highlight some of my favorite photography sessions from 2020. This maternity portrait session was in September at the Huntington Beach State Park. This state park is about 25 minutes south of the Myrtle Beach city limits. I recommend making the trip because it’s an especially beautiful location. I had a lot of fun with this couple, they were originally from my wife’s home country of Colombia. We got some really beautiful maternity portraits before the sunset that evening.

We started out doing some traditional portraits of the expectant mother touching and looking down at her belly in front of the Atalaya Castle. Then we took some pictures by the ivy covered wall, which is one of my favorite spots. This time of the year, the sun was in a good position, to get some portraits with the sunlight filtering through the old trees near the castle. We also took some pictures by the wrought iron windows behind the castle. I especially liked the fun portrait, with the husband standing in the background slightly out of focus, looking at his wife touching her belly.

After an outfit change, we went down to the beach for pictures. The sun was starting to set behind the sea oats and dunes. I got some beautiful portraits of the expectant mother by herself and then of the couple together. My favorite was the husband kissing his wife on her belly backlit by the sunset. We had a bit of a strange look to the light in front of the ocean. There was a pretty warm glow from the sunset hitting the couple, but the ocean and sky were grey. That just happens sometimes in the evening, you never know exactly what type of sunset you will get. Because of this, I thought some black and white pictures looked especially nice. I prefer most of my pictures in color, but occasionally a black and white really works depending on the lighting.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below. In a future post, I will talk more about some new off camera lighting equipment, so if you are interested please check back. If you would like to take some beautiful maternity portraits in the Myrtle Beach area please let me know!

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