December wedding at the Hilton Doubletree Resort in Myrtle Beach

I had a great end to my photography season with two end of the year weddings on the 27th and 28th of December. It’s now time to catch up on any photo editing and wedding albums etc. I still have to finish. I will also be at the Wedding Showcase on Jan 25th at the Myrtle Beach convention center if anyone would like to meet me there. The next day we are traveling to my wife’s home country of Colombia for a couple of weeks. It’s a beautiful country, so hopefully I’ll get some great pictures and drone footage to post after that.

We had great weather for this beautiful Friday early afternoon wedding at the Doubletree Resort by Hilton in downtown Myrtle Beach. This resort is in a very pretty location just a bit north of the Myrtle Beach State Park. When I arrived, the bride was getting ready in the Spring Ballroom on the third floor of the tower. I got to meet and work with Desmond Denton, who is a great wedding videographer out of Maryland. His wife Vera helped me with getting lots of details shots of the bride’s accessories. The wedding reception itself was held one floor down in the Carolina Ballroom. You get a great view of the ocean and pier from the ballroom balcony. The pier at the resort is significantly damaged from past hurricanes and is under construction, but it still is an amazing view.

The wedding ceremony was held on the lawn behind the resort in front of the palm trees and pool. It’s a pretty spot and all the trees make it so the swimming pool is barely noticable. During the ceremony they had both a unity candle lighting and a sand ceremony. It’s almost impossible to get candles to light in the beach wind, I would only recommend this if you have an indoor wedding. The sand ceremony was very sweet, not only did the bride and groom pour in their sand, but the groom’s daughter also mixed in her sand as well. I loved the pictures of the couple walking away together after the ceremony. The groom was so happy he was dancing down the aisle.

After the ceremony, we took all the family pictures, then some fun ones on the beach with the bridal party. I only took a couple of shots with the couple, it was still a few hours before sunset, so we decided to go back out later in the evening for the rest of the pictures. Next, the bride and groom did their introductions, cake cutting, toasts and a lot of fun dancing. I always love when they get a Soul Train line going for some crazy dancing.

Finally, at almost the end of the reception, we went out for sunset pictures. We had some unusually warm weather for this time of the year. It was a pretty sunset, but the water is so cold compared with the warm air, it was very foggy and hazy on the beach. My editing software has some great tools for helping with haze. That combined with my off camera lighting helped us get some great shots. I hope you enjoy the pictures, if you are planning a wedding at the Doubletree Resort in Myrtle Beach please get in touch!

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