Wedding at the new 104 Laurel Street event venue in Conway, SC

This is my first time doing a wedding at the newly renovated 104 Laurel Street event venue in Conway, SC. It’s located right near the south end of the Conway Riverwalk, very close to the old Peanut Warehouse. In fact, in this one weekend, I had a wedding at the Peanut Warehouse on Saturday, then on Sunday I had this wedding at 104 Laurel. For both weddings I took the couples down to the Riverwalk for some beautiful pictures.

My thoughts on the 104 Laurel Street Event Venue

104 Laurel is a very pretty, rustic looking location for a wedding. It was a warehouse built in 1935 and just recently remodeled to hold events. I love the brick wall behind the dance floor, the hardwood flooring and the way they have lots of lights wrapped around the wooden columns. Lots of small lights are always beautiful when they get out of focus in the background. It looks to me that they could hold about 150 or so guests comfortably, while still having plenty of room for dancing and moving around. The big difference between here and the peanut warehouse, is the central heating and air conditioning. This is a venue that could be used at any time of the year, while still having quick access to the Riverwalk and downtown Conway for pictures.

First look and family pictures on the Riverwalk

Alexandra and Josh, the bride and groom, decided to do a first look before the ceremony. Their ceremony time was very close to sunset. We would have had almost no time for pictures if we did them after. Alexandra didn’t want any getting ready pictures, so I arrived shortly before it was time for them to do their first look. I found a nice shady spot on the south end of the Riverwalk for Josh to wait and see his bride for the first time. A first look is always a great option if the family pictures need to be done before the ceremony.

After the first look, all the family came down to the Riverwalk for pictures. We got a lot of great pictures of the family, including some nice shots of the bride and groom with their son walking down the Riverwalk. It was still over an hour before sunset, so I used my large off camera Godox flash to fill in from some of the harsh light filtering through the trees. After the family and bridal party pictures, I took more portraits of just Alexandra and Josh before the ceremony. We didn’t have time to venture far around the Riverwalk for pictures, for example we didn’t make it up to the train tracks going over the old bridge. We did get a lot of nice pictures on the boardwalks and under the old Conway Bridge. It’s very pretty since it was recently repaired and painted.

Wedding ceremony and reception inside 104 Laurel Street

The ceremony was held in the large central room of the remodeled warehouse. After the ceremony, all the chairs were moved and this became the DJ and dance floor area. I always make sure, when the bride is walking down the aisle, to get some shots of the groom’s face as well. He was very emotional and tearing up seeing her walk towards him and during their wedding vows. After the ceremony there was the typical first dance and parent dances. The groom did a special dance with just his sister as well. They only had me stay for 4 hours at this wedding, but it still gave me plenty of time for some great closeups of the older couples during the anniversary dance, and the fun partying later as well. I hope you enjoy these pictures, if you are having a wedding at 104 Laurel Street in Conway please let me know!

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