Summer wedding at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club – Myrtle Beach

It’s finally beginning to slow down around the Myrtle Beach area with many of the schools back in session after the summer break. With family photo sessions many evenings and multiple weddings on some weekends, I haven’t had time to post to my blog in a while. While I’m working hard now on getting caught up with everyone’s pictures from the past few weeks, I thought I would quickly highlight this fun wedding from a few weeks ago at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club in Myrtle Beach. Wing Wong of Salon & Spa 18 did the hair and makeup.

Kim and Jay, the bride and groom, had one of the hottest days of the year for their end of July outdoor wedding. When holding a wedding at a nice venue like the Dunes Golf and Beach Club, the guests only have to be out in the heat for short periods of time before retreating back into the great air-conditioning inside the venue. On a hot and humid day like this, I’m always very careful to sit a camera outside to warm up to the outside temperature. If I didn’t do this, coming from the cold AC to the humid outside air, the lenses would fog up and it’s impossible to wipe off the moisture.

This couple had an earlier Vietnamese ceremony for the bride’s family that I didn’t photograph. I believe this took a little longer than expected so everything was running behind for the wedding. I had very little time for pictures of Kim in her dress before the ceremony but we made the time for some quick pictures on the balcony. The ceremony went very nice and I even managed to catch a very quick first kiss. I always have my focus locked in and ready to snap a bunch of quick pictures because sometimes the just married couple is nervous and they kiss very quickly. After the ceremony and family pictures I took the bridal party down to the beach, then up to the golf course and front steps overlooking the course for some pictures.

The bride and groom took a break for their first dances and a quick dinner before going back out for sunset pictures. During dinner I was able to take my drone out for some quick shots of the Dunes Golf and Beach Club from over the ocean that turned out really nice. I really loved all the dancing at this reception. Everyone young and old was out on the dance floor and having a great time. I took hundreds of fun dancing pictures and I posted a few of them below.

One final note about glow sticks, they never really show up in pictures. There is always too much ambient light at wedding locations for the light from the glow sticks to show up in the pictures. If you had a really dark location I could adjust my cameras to see the glow stick light, but even then they are putting off so little light it doesn’t look great. I just try to mention to my clients that while it is fun to have everyone waving glow sticks to walk through, it’s not going to look similar to sparklers, I just don’t want anyone disappointed. I hope you enjoy the pictures, let me know in the comments if you do!

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