Engagement pictures at the Litchfield Golf and Beach Club

I had the opportunity to do engagement pictures for this very nice couple staying at the Litchfield Golf and Beach Club. I’ve done weddings in this area before, but I’ve never been there for engagement pictures. I’m glad they suggested doing them there because it is a really pretty area. I knew some of the spots I liked out in front of the club from previous weddings, it’s always great when you can get some nice light coming through the leaves of oak trees. Using a really good lens blurs out the background sunlight in a really pretty way. The fallen oak is a very popular spot to do pictures as well, it can just be challenging to get shots without any cars in the background.

After taking pictures out in front of the club, we went back to some hammocks that the couple had noticed. Then we went down to the beach at the beach club area. The weather was just about perfect, and the water looked really blue that evening. Of course, if they weren’t staying in the area, we could have done the pictures out front, but you need to have a pass to get into the area where we went on the beach. At the end of the session, we even did a little pretend proposal just for fun. This was a really beautiful evening and a fun couple. They had been together for over 10 years but were still up for being romantic.  I’m sure you will enjoy the pictures below.  Please comment below or share these pictures if you like them.

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