Military groom at the Grande Dunes Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach

I had another lovely wedding at the Grande Dunes Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach. This is one of the locations I seem to photograph weddings at frequently. I think it helps that I’m on the Grande Dunes’ preferred vendor list. The light is always pretty in the room where the bride is getting ready, and the bridal party was a fun group that was up to doing some silly pictures.

The only more difficult thing about the wedding was it was pretty early in the day, and the sun was really strong on the terrace.  If possible, I would recommend timing a wedding a little later so that shade will cover the terrace.  This time of the year, with the sunset so late, it might not be doable. What I did was take the couple out near sunset after the reception to take a few more pictures. It turned out to be a little hazy then, but it was still pretty.

One of my favorite pictures was the couple standing in the walkway beside the Ocean Club that goes down to the beach. Whenever you can get perspective from something like a sidewalk or a pathway surrounded by shrubbery, it makes the picture much more interesting.  They also did a saber arch because the groom was in the military, I had done that with a wedding before, but now I know what it’s called. I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

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